American Idol season 11 started last night on Wednesday night and it was good and will become better as is it progresses.

First up to audition is David Leathers Jr., 12, he was once in a singing competition with Scotty McCreery and who won. Well of course Scotty McCreery did. As to David Leathers Jr., he’s a great singer but a ladies man too. So he was the first to go to Hollywood.

Anyway, Gabi Carrubba, 16, cute and pretty, an accomplished tap dancer and super cool, stopped by to audition. She sang Maroon 5’s “Sunday Morning” for her audition and the judges were smitten by her. Great tone she had and the purest too, and absolutely lovely.  J-Lo also praised the changes, Steven said she “nailed it” and then she went through with three yes votes.

Jessica Whitely, sang a song, and it was too deep for her voice. Why did she sing that song? Did she know she was going home? Or was it a prank for the judges. It is always a great idea to give a good first impression one time. If they like you have a second song ready. And never mentioned to the judges that you will see them again, surprised them. They don’t like stalkers.

Did Ryan Seacrest have a twin? He’s dead ringer for Ryan Seacrest. He looked like Ryan Seacrest and even sounded like him. How about a new reality show called “So Wanna be a TV host,” I would participate in a heartbeat and be a teen heart trob too. Shawn Kraisman, his singing voice wasn’t that bad, and he didn’t get a golden ticket. But he did make a good impression on Ryan Seacrest. Will he replace Ryan Seacrest next year? I don’t really know.

Shannon Magrane, is the daughter of the former World Series winning pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team Joe Magrane. She sang an Etta James song, and she was great. Her family was with her, and she is going to Hollywood!

Still, people can’t sing. When will they ever learn? Watch the show first!

Amy Brumfield, lives in Gatlinburg,Tennessee, in a tent, in the woods. Bad times and bad economic did this to her and her husband, but her hopes and dreams becoming a singer will shine. And it did shine. She made it through.

Joshua Chavis, his performance did not go through as the plan he wanted to. If you are not good for the first time, try again.

Stephanie Renae, 15 sang a beautiful and her voice was nasally in the first part of the song, two of three judges like her, and she’s going to Hollywood.

Schyler Dixion and her brotherColton. It was supposed to be Schyler Dixion spot light audition. But she mentioned her brother, that he auditioned last year and made it all the way with the live shows and got eliminated, so they joined the audition again. She sang good and so didColton, and they both going toHollywood. I hope he helps her through.

People are still crying and rejected too.  Like I said before, when will they ever learn? Watch the show first! Don’t use hand gestures or they will cover with an American Idol logo. The camera person, don’t follow them, it’s funny for us to see the rejection reaction, just catch them by using a close up lens from a distance.

Lauren Mink, who runs a choir for the mentally handicapped, she sang, Country Strong, and the judges love her.

The next American Idol is a guy from Africa, who wants to sing country music. I’m not going to attempt his name, not that it matters. Big dreams, but not today. Watch the show first.

Ashlee Altise invented a dance called the Joyhop. Joyhop she sang “Come Together.” She’s cute, quirky, and her voice is pretty good. She may be one to watch. Joyhop hops to Hollywood.

WT Thompson quit his job, even though he has a pregnant wife, so he could audition for Idol.  He has a great voice  and potential, but his federal job as the prisoner cop, can he get his job back depends on his progress in American Idol. I hope he makes it through.

Next is a hot girl named Brittany Kerr, who’s an NBA cheerleader, so before she opened her mouth, the dudes have already decided to send her through. She sounds really good, and J-Lo says no? What? Are they not wanting the whole package?

Lastly, Phillp Phillips took the Idols judges and surprised by them with his electric performance of Stevie Wonder Superstition and electricity he used. He was great, and if he can do the same thing with every performance he could win. His guitar performance was also amazed.