This Mariah Yeater is lying and claiming to have sex with a Bieber, any baby could look like Justin Bieber. Even my piece of toast of Justin Bieber – that’s another story. She tried to call his representatives, but got no response, apparently she tried to cash in with the Bieber.  Maybe, she had sex with her former boyfriend, and she dumped him because he was a  dead beat dad, and since she idolized Justin Bieber and put a wild story that she wild sex with the Bieber. Sorry teens bad image. Maybe he should stop the hugging.

Why do craze fans do this kind of rubbish, do they know she will not get a dime, maybe a nickel, but claiming these accusations she had sex with Bieber? I applaud her for one thing, great acting.  Get into an acting class. Maybe she wanted attention. Did she think this through? Maybe not.

She may be a good mom and have a good child, But every good mom had their bad way to manipulate people that she had sex with Justin Bieber and get money. Maybe quiet money. And here’s my question. Where’s the parents? The grand parents of the child.

Probably she wanted fame. Getting fame for the wrong reason.

Update: As you may know the Bieber Baby drama is false. She will be sued for lying and the court date is pending. People would do anything to get a slice of celebrity money.