American Got Talent was on last night.  The first group was Gymkana and Powerhouse. The acrobats versus the inspiration of Glee performers, Gymkana was excellent especially tumbling around the ladder and through it, while Powerhouse sang an inspiration song Firework by Katy Perry, which was fantastic. Eventually, the people like Gymkana.

Since America Got Talent got YouTube people to audition, how about people who got famous  and the most popular too.  Tay Zonday sang his creepy song “Chocolate Rain.” Does it have to be chocolate rain? Can it rain Vanilla?

Next was Keenan Cahill, a Milli Vanilla wannabe, the woman who sang and lip-syncing “Teenage Dream,” she could have sung it in her natural voice. Probably, she can’t sing the song in her natural voice and she rather lip sync, that how she got famous for lip-syncing her favorite songs.  The only person who did not lip-sync was Nick Cannon, he was rapping with Keenan Cahill, which was much better.

Then Ok Go performed, they did some weird dancing on glass, and it was projected on the big-screen  video wall and on my big-screen  HD TV. My cat fainted! It was good.

The next group was TNC Elite, Matt Willhelm and Aeon. Matt Willhelm went through. He performed a glow in the dark bike trick that can only be seen in the dark. His costume was amazing too, it had the nervous system.

Next the mega star of YouTube was the only one Rebecca Black. If she had audition for America Got Talent, she will win the show. She sang “My Moment Friday” a mash up song.  She got the crowd pumping, and the audience loved it. She has been bullied by her middle school students, and she had to be pulled away from school and be home school. Middle school and high school students can be very cruel, just because she is famous, and they are not. It’s like students don’t have any respect for someone who’s famous, especially at their school. It’s ridiculous. But who’s laughing anyway,  Rebecca Black has the fame and recognition of other celebrities who supported her, and they will help her out in the entertainment business to be successful and steer her in the right direction.

The next group was Brett Daniels, Breena Bell, Kevin Collis and Kalani. Who advances Kevin Collis. He sang good.

Next was another internet sensation, the couple who did the synchronize hand dancing, that was good, and they step it up. If people don’t get it – it’s synchronize hand dancing.

The last group was West Springfield Dance Team, Gabe the Bulldog and Beth Ann Robinson. Piers will miss the dog, Who went through, Beth Ann Robinson and her dreams will come through.

The wild cards to perform next week areWest Springfield, Landon Swanka and The Kinetic King. The Kinetic King – his act did not do as well as before, and they invited him back?  The remaining acts Summerwind Skippers, Charles Peachock, Yellow Design Stunt Team, Shevonne, J. Chris Newberg, Those Funny Little People, Seth Grabel, The Fiddleheads and Avery and the Calico Hearts.