Summer is here and we just want to take a quiet summer vacation at a luxury hotel and deluge ourselves to a magnificent view out of the window and have great service and tip the bell hop with a five dollar bill.

When we sleep in the room, there’s a thumping noise. We would think it’s the neighbor having sex in the next room,  we bang on the wall  to tell the patron to keep quiet. The noise will stop immediately after the first bang  and dead silence for a few minutes, then one loud thump would have appeared, and it would be strange. We jump and assume something fell down on the other side and we go back to sleep.

As soon as we fall asleep in the room, children would be running in the hall way laughing and giggling as they were running away from their parents. Footsteps would follow and it is 2:15 a.m.. Why would children would be up by this hour?

In the morning, when we get ready to go for a meeting, we leave the TV on to get the latest news and weather. We then go to the bathroom to take a bath as soon as we turned on the water. We hear the TV changing channels, but we disregard this and proceed with the bath. As soon as we finish the bath and dry our hair and come out of the bathroom. The suitcase that was on the ground was now on the bed with your clothes all over the place and the bed was made. A neat freak ghost made your bed and threw your clothes out of the luggage, now that’s weird. And no one entered the room because the room was locked.

We go down to the front desk and tell our story what happened last night. The front desk said there’s was no one on either side of the room would make any thumping noise. It was empty. We mention the children, still the front desk person said no family have checked in overnight. Even though front desk worked the night shift and they keep reports of complaint records. And every complaint contained noises and children running in the hall way and foot steps. What we have witnessed is a haunted hotel.

Here are some haunted hotels when we traveled.

The Spooky Jersey Shore

Cape May is a picturesque beach town on the Jersey Shore. But inside many of the town’s stately Victorian homes, are restless spirits looking for peace. The Peter Shields Inn, a boutique inn and upscale restaurant, is one of these haunted spots. Visitors have said they’ve felt the overwhelming presence of a number of ghostly spirits, including the real-estate developer Peter Shields and his teenage son who is said to roam the inn’s basement.

Supernatural Southwest

if the price tags in Santa Fe’s galleries aren’t scary enough for you, book a stay at “The City Different’s” haunted adobe fortress, Hotel La Fonda. The Santa Fe Trail’s storied end-of-the-line hitchin’ and sleepin’ post began its 200-year-plus downtown tenancy as the rowdy Exchange Hotel. Gunfights frequently erupted inside, while out back, convicted killers swung from the gallows. Today, the spirits of the Old West are said to inhabit La Fonda’s lobby and bar.

The current building dates to the 1920s, but its paranormal roots run deep. In the 1850s, a businessman lost his fortune in the hotel’s gambling hall. Penniless and suicidal, he jumped to his death down a deep well, a hole currently covered by the hotel’s colorful La Pazuela Restaurant. Today, while your guacamole is prepared tableside, keep an eye out for the businessman’s ghost, sometimes seen in the center of the dining room, leaping and disappearing into thin air.

Old School Hollywood Haunts

While Marilyn Monroe impersonators pose for tourists’ snapshots outside Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, in Hollywood, the film icon’s ghost is said to reside across the street at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, a 12-story Hollywood landmark opened in 1927. Marilyn reputedly haunts the hotel’s poolside, uber-exclusive nightclub, Tropicana. Unless you’re a hotel guest or minor celeb, you won’t get past the velvet rope. But there’s hope for ghost hunters who prefer blondes. Near the lobby’s mezzanine-level gift shop,Monroe’s voluptuous reflection has appeared in a full-length mirror relocated from her favorite suite.

Still, Monroe’s isn’t the only restless spirit said to be permanently checked in to the hotel. Guests may also encounter the tortured soul of actor Montgomery Clift; many have claimed to hear his trombone playing in the ninth floor hallways. Fans should request Clift’s preferred digs, room 928.

Room rates at the Roosevelt have skyrocketed in recent years, and it’s certain you’ll need a movie star’s bank account to afford a romp in the hotel’s top-floor Gable-Lombard Suite, where overnighters report strong psychic and sexual energy.

One thing we can do is stay away from vintage old hotels and bed & breakfast and stay at a Holiday Inn. Sometime franchise hotel and motel may have some haunting too, but all we can do is ask.