Scooty wins American IdolA big win for Scotty McCreery, he won American Idol, and he got a kiss from Lauren Alaina, his running mate. And what a night, for American idol, it was stars and stars. He was knocked down when he saw stars.

The show started, with the top 13, and they performed Lady Gaga “Born this way.” Their performance was good.

James Durbin sang with Juda Priest. He dressed as a Village person, a rock metal group. So wonder he was voted off the show. Probably, he was scaring all the teenagers with his metal image.

Randy catch phrase was “In it to win it” and “What is this show going on?” great editing job on these set of clips. It was funny.

Jacob Lusk and Gospel singer Kirk Franklin paired up to sing “I smile” I love Gospel songs. Let’s get up and swing our arms up in the air. We have a chandelier? Time to get a new one tomorrow. Then Gladys Knight performed. She still has a great voice. They also took the time and give a shout to the tornado victims and flood victims who reached acrossAmerica. Red Cross is a great organization to help.  So if I was you, take few minutes of your time and donate some money to the Red Cross.

Casey Abrams and Jack Black sang “Fat Bottomed Girls”, that was cool. He was hiding behind the sofa and pop his head to surprise the audience. The Glee performance is so much better. Did they have a fat person on the show?

The ladies of American Idol sang a Beyonce medley. The song gave it away and Beyonce appeared to sing with them. One of the contestants looked so much as Beyonce and I could not tell if it was her. However, when Beyonce shook her hips it was her.

Many ways to use American Idol logo is on people mouths and including Steven Tyler. People still don’t know how to be respectful of a camera. There goes people 15 seconds of fame.

The beautiful Haley Reinhart and her voice send shivers to my spine. I am healed! My cold is gone. I was a little aroused by her voice, but she was paired of Tony Bennett, 85. It came back, my cold. My cat sneezed.

Scotty McCreery was paired up with Tim McGraw. It was a great song. Not a big fan of country music, I do have a Carrie Underwood album around the house somewhere. I found it. It’s a coaster for my drink.

The new announcer, Joe Ripka narrated some unsung and untalented performers who think they can sing. My coyote can sing better than them.

Mark Anthony sang and Shelia E performed on the drums stage together. Wow, Jennifer Lopez did a sultry dance for her husband. Jennifer Lopez made my cold disappear again.

The idol’s guy sang Tom Jones medley classic songs. It was kind of funny, James Durbin singing “What’s new pussycat” awkward.

Scotty and Lauren gave their music teacher new cars, that was good. Their teachers looked beautiful. I need to go to their school and get a good education.

Lady Gaga was in the house, and she performed her new single “The Edge of Glory” which was heard SNL this past weekend. Great song, I like it. Her dancing on the cliff with her dancer was every inappropriately especially towards her audience. The best part she fell off the cliff with her dancer.

Lauren was paired with her idol, Carrie Underwood, and they sang and dedicated their song to Arnold Schwarzenegger “Before he cheats.” Lauren and Carrie should do another duet in the future.

Beyonce sang her new song “One plus One” sounds like a mathematical song for her children.

The highly and anticipated musical which will be opening soon in New York soon. Spiderman the Musical, this time he did not fall. He was flying across the room with tightly and secured harness. While Bono sang “Rise Again” from the play, at the end of the song, Spiderman dropped down upside-down to Jennifer Lopez and wanted a kiss that was cool. Despite the rumors of the play, I hoped it becomes successful.

Final performance was Steven Tyler performing “Dream on”, so let’s dream on and become the new American Idol for 2012, make sure the world doesn’t end.