Rebecca Black is Back

rebecca B

Rebecca Black is back and she is beautiful, and she performed on The Four season 2, and she looked absolutely stunning and her voice really improved with age. She can really sing.

We all know, haters can be very cruel especially on the internet, telling her that she can’t sing and her voice is annoying, that’s what every teenager sound like when they are young, they think they have talent – if you practice enough and that’s what she did. The more practice and improvements can really happen and the dream can come true. And she hot.

Watch her perform

Rebecca Black New Single “My Moment”

New My Moment out on July 29The one- hit wonder is back with another song, Rebecca Black, with her song “Friday” has reached over 167 million views on YouTube, and her song has reached millions dollars in sales of people downloading her song on ITunes.

Her new song, is called “My Moment” and it will feature her rise to fame with only one song, and it changed her life. Remember she’s only a teenager living in the celebrity spot light of fame. She’s laughing and singing to the bank. She has fans, not just one but her peers. In the video, it featured the teen attending red carpet premieres to highlight her “real-life fairy tale.” The song was written by Brandon “Blue” Hamilton, who’s worked with Justin Bieber and Quinton Tolbet. It was produced by Charlton Pettus, who has worked with Hilary Duff.

Her new song “My Moment” will come out on July 18. Remember be kind to one another.

One Hit Wonder Rebecca Black – Friday

As Rebecca Black trends on twitter and gets over 2 million YouTube views on her new music video, everyone is looking for Friday lyrics and wondering whether she will be the next singing sensation. Her singing is kind of good, but the music video and the music is kind of catchy.

Rebecca  Black is a fun, loving, 13 year old. She loves to sing, dance and act, and she is always looking to try something new. Now in 8th grade, she landed the lead role in her school musical, Oklahoma!  She started dance classes when she was three years old and has continued studying dance since. She studied Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, and Tap. She starred in a local commercial when she was 7 for the building toy Puzzlecraft. She participated in a patriotic performing group. Performing at over 50 locations including singing the Star Spangled Banner at the Angels Stadium. At age 11, she signed with a modeling management company. She started vocal lessons at 10 years old, and she’s continued with it ever since. Singing is her passion, and it’s what she loves to do.  In the summers of 2008 and 2009, she participated in a musical theatre summer camp. When she started going to her local public school, she immediately auditioned for musical theatre, and now succeeds with flying colors. She starred in the school’s rendition of Guys and Dolls, and their variety shows such as Showtime America, Broadway, USA, and Star Search. This past summer, she visited New York and participated in various workshops with cast members of West Side Story, Memphis, and In the Heights.

If she can come on the Ellen DeGeneres and prove that she can really sing and sing the title song of her cover song, then she’s a star.

Just watch it yourself. It’s kind of catchy.


All grown up, and she is in her 20s. She looked beautiful.

Updated on 6/8/2018