Rebecca Black is Back

rebecca B

Rebecca Black is back and she is beautiful, and she performed on The Four season 2, and she looked absolutely stunning and her voice really improved with age. She can really sing.

We all know, haters can be very cruel especially on the internet, telling her that she can’t sing and her voice is annoying, that’s what every teenager sound like when they are young, they think they have talent – if you practice enough and that’s what she did. The more practice and improvements can really happen and the dream can come true. And she hot.

Watch her perform

Rebecca Black “My Moment” Another Hit Song

As you may know, Rebecca Black is back again with a new single called “My Moment,” so far the views are slowly climbing to the charts. “My Moment” will be another hit for Rebecca Black. This time it is so much better than the last song she sang, which was “Friday.” Can “My Moment” top her last hit song?

It is a good song. Her voice is not bad at all. Many people are criticizing her because of her voice, but she made an improvement which is much better. Her album will be coming out in August 2011.

To all the haters out there, they are just jealous of her because she made it and the rest of the people have no talent at all.  All they do is post bad remarks. Her success has just begun.

Remember be nice to one another.

Rebecca Black is Back

As you may know Rebecca Black did an exclusive interview on Good Morning America on March 18, 2011. Her stardom had just begun and her single “Friday” had just surpass her favorite idol, Justin Beiber.

Her wish is too performed with him. Her voice is not bad at all when singing acapella. So please don’t judge just because she wanted to be star, she’s an ordinary girl next door who wants to showcase her talent and talent she has.

If you don’t have nothing to say (bad things to say) don’t post it online. Who cares about the freedom of speech. It’s humiliating, embarrassing and it’s hurtful.  It’s Cyber bullying.

Here’s the exclusive report on GMA: