American Idol Top 14

American Idol Top 14

If you haven’t watched a single episode of American Idol, you are missing it. It’s on ABC this year.

Here are your top 14:

Ada Vox

Ada Vox


Cade Foehner

Caleb Lee Hutchison

Caleb Lee Hutchinson

Catie Turner 1s

Catie Turner

Dennis Lorenzo

Dennis Lorenzo


Gabby Barrett

Garrett jacobs 1

Garrett Jacobs

Jonny Brenns

Jonny Brenns



Maddie Poppe

Maddie Poppe

Mara Justine 1

Mara Justine

Marcio Donaldson

Marcio Donaldson

Michale Woodard

Michael J. Woodard

Michelle Sussett

Michelle Sussett

All of the contestants could be the next American Idol.

Tune in Next week Sunday, April 22, 2018, on ABC at 8 pm!

Wow, Mara Justine has an amazing voice. Did you know she was a contender on America’s Got Talent season 9 (2014), she was in the top 12. She has a gorgeous and beautiful hair. She really wants to be discovered. She is very talented. She wants to be a megastar. She sang with Rachel Platten strip down version of “Fight Song,” it was phenomenon, her voice is stunning.

Garret Jacobs and Cobie Calliat sang Lucky to the crowd. He was missing his girlfriend, and he was lucky, she was in the audience – that was a surprise.

When you have too much of excitement, you will bound to rip something, that’s what to Katy Perry – she ripped her pants, the best way to cover it up – used duct tape!

The top 14 will perform for the audience and the TV audience as well. You have to watch and vote for your favorite. Go to American Idol for voting information.

Hollie Cavanagh eliminated and Climbs Up to the top

Hollie Cavanagh did not win American Idol, but she was in the Top 4 and now the new Top 3, and eventually she will be in the American Idol summer tour this summer. Her fellow competitor and good friends Joshua Ledet who cried as Cavanagh performed her favorite song “The Climb” after the results were announced.

“I saw him crying, and he was like, ‘I love you. I love you,’ ” Cavanagh tells the reporter “I was like, I know. I don’t know why that boy is crying. I’m gonna see him in a few days. Stop crying!”

When she finished singing her song, she hugged Joshua and told him that she would be fine and okay. And they can’t complain while you are in the top four.  Hollie is really happy that she made in the Top 4 and the journey. She made it through American Idol.

Way to go Hollie Cavanagh!

Colton Dixion the next to leave American Idol

As you may know by now Colton Dixion was sent home from American Idol, his rendition of “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga and “September” by Earth Wind and Fire did not sizzle with his fans, at least he was in the top ten, and that’s okay with him. He may not be a winner, but he made it this far in the competition. So far, he may get a record deal and performance in the future.

Kept  behind was Elise Testone, the rockin’ 28-year-old teacherCharleston,S.C., who fizzled with Alicia Keys “No One” Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get it On.”  Hollie Cavanagh from McKinney, Texas, who redeemed herself with Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” and Dusty Springfield’s “Son of a Preacher Man.”

This time Jessica Sanchez was saved by her fans, and Jimmy was right the whole time, if she sticks to songs that age appropriate to her, she could win the competition. She kept singing the songs that were older than, and her fans were confused of why she was singing an oldie rather than a new song that is playing on the radio. No matter what theme it is, the song should be appropriate and the song should be recognizable within five to ten years, not 30 years ago. I hope Jimmy steers her in the right direction, and Jimmy should select the songs for her, not Jessica, if she wants to win.

Ryan Seacrest did his impression of Dick Clark, who passed away this week, signing out at the end show.  Could Ryan Seacrest be the next Dick Clark?

Jeremy Rosado heads home

It’s so sad to see Jermey Rosado going home. He did a good job in performing “Ribbon in the Sky” Randy said the night before “For me, it wasn’t your best performance. This is a really difficult song. I didn’t really quite believe it tonight,” says Randy. Eventually, his performance and song choice was not that impressive. It’s good idea to challenge yourself in singing, which is good, but we do have to find the right song for your voice can sing and challenge ourselves.

Also the other contestants who were at the bottom were Rosado, Jermaine Jones, Testone and Shannon Magrane. It was a close call to everyone. Everybody did great in performing their song, and it was fantastic. They were great.  Remember know the story of the song and connect to your audience, it’s like acting.

I am so glad the judges are deciding who goes home, previous season the TV audience would choose, and they would send the wrong person going home and the judges would get upset too. Still the audience would vote, but at the final end it’s the deciding time with the judges, this is so much better.