Queens College Hauntings

Queens University

Queen’s College in Charlotte North Carolina appears to be a hot bed of paranormal activity. In one dorm is the unhappy weeping ghost of a young woman who was in love with another woman. When her parents found out, she killed herself by cutting her wrists in a girls dorm. The next morning she had written her love letters to Julie in blood on the wall. Down thru the years students have seen Julie and the messages on the wall written in blood. Phantom knocks on walls and doors as well as doors opening and closing on their own.

Students claimed to hear the girl’s ghost weeping and some even claimed to see her with wrists cut walking in the bathroom all bloody and dripping of blood.

The apparitions of Civil War era soldiers are seen on campus as well as the phantom sounds of screams

Several years later another male student hung himself one night and the next morning his body was found swinging from a rope. Some students have claimed to see the ghost of the body swinging from his rope and have even called for Police only to have the Police find no hanging student when they arrive. And it has happened several times over the years.

Some students have claimed to see Civil War era soldiers in the area of Queens College and on the grounds.

And many students say in a small area on the college and over the years mentioned that some students committed suicide on campus.

Albright Residence Hall and Wallace Residence are the most active cases of paranormal activity.

What’s that behind you?


Cullowhee Valley School Haunted School

Cullowhee Valley School (Grades K-8) in Cullowhee, North Carolina was built on the site of a couple Native American villages, dating from five hundred years ago to several thousand years ago. The site was a village multiple times, as there would be one there that would get destroyed or abandoned and the people would move elsewhere. The site was a family homestead and farm from the mid-1800s up until the 1970s. When NC 107 was relocated in the 1980s, the old farmhouse was moved across the new road to a new site. The School itself was built in 1994, with site work preparation began in the late 1980s. They discovered serious erosion issues and uncovered the site of the ancient villages during the site work, and construction was postponed for two years. When it resumed, workers noticed strange things happening, tools disappearing and doing strange, erratic things. When the school first opened, there were many reports from students and faculty of strange occurrences, including lights flickering and turning on and off by themselves, technology behaving in an erratic manner, doors opening and closing by themselves, some rooms being impossible to heat or cool, toilets flushing, and the automatic air dryers going off by themselves. During a 6th Grade Band Concert in the late 1990s, the doors inside the locker rooms slammed open and closed by themselves spontaneously. When teachers investigated, they found the contents of the rooms scattered about and nobody inside. People at the school often feel like they are being watched and many teachers who stayed after school until late at night to do work for their classes often report seeing Native American people walking up or down the hallways of the school, dressed how they dressed before the settlers came. Since artifacts were returned to the building around 2000, the sightings have continued, but have decreased in intensity and frequency.

The witness said, “I am assured you that a lot of weird stuff did happened to students, parents, teachers and staff”

August 2, 2012

Corriher Lipe Middle School in Landis North Carolina

Corriher Lipe Middle School  In the 1940’s, Larry the janitor was in the boiler room of the school he was cleaning when suddenly the boiler blows up and killing him.

69 years later, you can hear door slams and things moved. One teacher who worked late at night cutting paper in the workroom. When she heard someone in the hall, she looked out and no one was there, again she heard it. She checks out the whole school and no one was there. Not too far from the workroom, she felt a cold brush passed by her, but the temperature in the building was in the 70’s. She went back to the workroom and the trashcan was gone.

When teachers would work late, small children could be heard, but not seen and you can hear an old man voice moaning and roaming in the corridor of the school.

From personal experience, Jessica Huff, a teacher and her daughter were designing a bulletin in the classroom. They were alone together, when they heard footsteps outside their classroom. Not knowing whom it was, her daughter went out to investigate who it was. Moments passed and her daughter did not come back. She was scared and wanted to know what happened to her. It was a big school.

She stepped out the door and saw her daughter’s arm up in the air. Like holding on to something and she was talking to someone. Jessica called her daughter back and asked what she was doing. Her daughter explained: she was just walking and talking with the nice old man. Possibility the Janitor?

Another incident happened, One teacher had some students working on a project one night and when it was time to leave. The teacher asks the students to inspect the building and to make sure no was there. When they came back from inspection, they were frightened. They heard running footsteps that wasn’t theirs and voices of children in the stairs.

Ghosts have been reporting as being seen and heard across the Gym. Doors opening and closing with no there.  A hazy figure of young girl wandering in the hallways. A gust of heavy, damp—cold air rushing through the 2nd floor. Voices of children after hours. The figure of the custodian was seen in the boiler room where he was killed. He has been seen roaming the hallways watching the children at the school.

This is a TRUE STORY

Is your school haunted?