The Christmas Gift: Memory of friends

What could be the perfect Christmas gift for anyone? It is when you sit in the back of the chapel in a funeral home and watching the speaker addressing her friends how much she misses her dad. She said everything about her dad but left her brother speechless, and he did know what to say, he said that he lost his dad too.

When she was giving her speech, I was reminiscing about her. It was 1985, we were in high school together, and we met in homeroom, I was silly. I was the class clown, being funny in a good way with a heart, the best way to get attention and make friends too.  I was giving gifts to girls, that I made, with a little help from my mom. (My mom passed away in 2016.) I had a crush on her, but unfortunately, she had a boyfriend, it was okay for me. She was pretty.

I remember in drama class that I did a comedic monologue of
The Three Little Pigs by using voice impressions of the animals, I was funny and the audience like me, and she was watching me. I caught her attention.  I was funny and being creative. Her boyfriend wasn’t in the class. I was safe. If he had known about it, I would be in the lockers.

Sometime I would take a peek at the gym, she and her friends were exercising bending their waist, some yoga moves. Nothing perverted, they were exercising. Then the coach would see me between the crack of the door and yell at me. He did not know who was behind the door I just ran.
They could hear my footsteps in the lobby; she didn’t know, that I was there. Then I bump into her boyfriend.
“What are you doing here?” Boyfriend said.
“I am late for –  Calculus class.” I was scared and nervous. I didn’t want to tell him that I was stalking his girlfriend. I panic.
“Okay, go.” Boyfriend said. I ran, it was not Calculus class, it was my driving class.

It’s 33 years later. I woke up from my daydream. The coffin of her dad was being escorted to the hertz and waiting to be bury in West Lawn Cemetery.
He was a firefighter and the city honored with firefighters and firetrucks. He was a great father.

It was a long line. I was standing in line waiting to see the family and her.  She lives in Raleigh, North Carolina. However, her parents live in Elizabeth City.

A few of the classmates came to see her. I knew some of them; probably the came early a day ago for the church service.  

I came around the bend of the hallway, but when she saw me. It’s like her sad day became a happy day. She didn’t know that I was coming. It was a total surprise for her, my memories of her faded. Still beautiful. Some people recognize me, but I didn’t know them. I am getting old. She’s happily married for 25 years, and she has teenagers now.

She was happy to see me in line. It looked like she wanted to make the line go even faster, by giving quick hugs and shaking their hands. And say bye to each one.

When I came up to her, she was happy to see.  We talk for a while. It was like having a class reunion at a funeral, how ironic. She told her family about me about the crazy antics I did in high school. She remembered me. I was surprised that she kept the gift. It made her day and my day too.

Winter Begins

So the first day of Winter was today the 21st of December, that means we have the shortest days and longer nights. That means we have to do our shopping before the sunset and get up early before the sunrises. That means, I am tired – Already. Christmas shopping was exhausted. So much to do and little time left, Christmas is for children and children love Santa Clause.

I recently sat on Santa Clause lap and told him what I wanted for Christmas; I swear he had on Depends Underwear on. Underneath, his pants, it was soft and padded, I could feel it. He though I would pee on him, but it was meant for the children who can’t control themselves on his lap. He looked at me and wondered why would a 40-year-old person sitting on his lap, if a gorgeous woman sat on his lap, he would not mind. But for me, he gave me a weird stare or some kind of look. So I peed on his pants. I did wish what I wanted for Christmas. Would I get it?

How does he know where I live? I have an ADT security system and there’s no way he would get into my house. One-step into my house, the alarm will sound and a parade of Christmas lights from the cops and a SWAT team will be here in a flash. And, he will be caught either giving me Christmas present. Presents would be nice, but he would be trespassing on my property.  What about reindeers on top of my roof? How did they get up there? Messing with the singles and pooping down to my chimney, and stinking up the place. Spraying Febreze would not cover up the smell up.

Christmas is a festival celebrating Christ’s birth, held on December 25. Christmas is lights, decoration, and even snow. If we have dream of a white Christmas, it may not snow on that day. Or, it might rain that day. So we may be dreaming of a wet Christmas.

On a serious note, Christmas is caring and helping someone we love, my mom had a hip injury back in 2011 and she is unable to walk till this day. She’s on a wheel chair and she have Alzheimer’s and dementia. She’s in her 80s, but she have two caring people to take care of her and we are her angles. She’s eating healthy. When people ask my parents and me, how are we doing? I always say, “We are still alive” because we are still alive and we eat healthy and do exercise.  Eating healthier and exercising is the key to stay alive.

What is that?

Parents should know what their child should watch. For example, a child goes for a sleep over at their friend’s house. And the parents of that household suggest to go to the movies with their kids and someone else kid.

The parents of that child should be aware of the ratings of the movie. PG-13, PG and G are good, but movies that are rated R are not acceptable even though the adult is accompanying them in the theater and the movie is good.

Most movies these days are rated R due to graphic violence and salty language. Children who watch these movies grow up to mimic the actor’s behavior by killing and using language and other adults themes in the movie.

It doesn’t make sense that older parents are taking their child to see a rated R movies. Is this appropriate? We want to raise a child to be good and we exposed them to watch these movies either at home on DVDs and the movie theater.

We can blame Hollywood for making these movies, but parents have to make a choice either to watch it or not. Do parents understand the movie ratings? Some of the good movies are rated R, which include graphic violence and salty language they use on the screen. What do you think?