Conjuring 2: Enfield Hauntings


As you may know and you probably heard about The Conjuring 2 is based on a true story that happened in 1977. The story attracted considerable press coverage in British newspapers such as the Daily Mail and Daily Mirror. Also in the US newspaper such as The National Enquirer during the 1970’s.


In August 1977, single parent Peggy Hodgson called police to her rented home in Enfield after two of her four children claimed that furniture was moving and knocking sounds were heard on walls. The children included Margaret, age 13, Janet, age 11, Johnny, age 10 and Billy, age 7. A police constable saw a chair slide on the floor but couldn’t determine if it moved by itself or was pushed by someone.  No one was around the police when it happened. She took notes and left the scene quickly.

Other reports from the newspaper sources from the Daily Mail and the Daily Mirror, they claimed they heard demonic voices, loud noises, thrown rocks and toys, overturned chairs and levitation of children. These reporters had interview Peggy Hodgson and she told these incidents really happened to her and the children. Until it ended 1979.

The Daily Mail and the Daily Mirror reporters were bribing the children to tell them the truth that they were pranking their house it was haunted. Unfortunately, it really happened. Kids in that age in the 1970’s would not understand what was going on. The reporters back then wanted the truth, unfortunately, back then did not believe that the Hodgson resident was truly haunted by an evil spirit.

When the paranormal team was investigating the house, they had their equipment to record, on VHS recorder for video, a reel tape to record audio, flashguns from camera to record video of still images. Everything was fully charge, but when they put the equipment on all the equipment was fully drained of no energy. They did not know what was going on. A ghost or spirits would drained the energy source to gained more energy or manifest itself.

The possibility of levitation, eyewitness account looked up through their window and saw one of the children through the window levitated off the bed towards the ceiling. The children weren’t jumping on their bed, because they were resting. It’s impossible to fake it, because since they were children, children cannot fake being levitated.

Psychic Phenomenon The Enfield Poltergeist
Psychic Phenomenon The Enfield Poltergeist Goings on at the Hodgson household in Green Street Enfield as funiture and toys were September 1977

But the family was suffering through the years, especially the children they were being tease and bullied at school.  The students were calling them “ghost kids,” people did not understand what was going on.

The demonic voice that was coming out from one of the children was not a ventriloquist act, a child could not possibilities do this.

dresser 2

One of the girls who was heavily sedated still had the strength to struggle from the men who were holding her down. Eventually, she fell asleep. Moments later, the investigators heard some noise in the bedroom and they found her on top of the dresser. She did not know how she got there.

A former occupant who lived in the house before Peggy Hodgson moved in was a 72-year-old guy who died in the chair of the living room who went blind.  Could this be the culprit who was torturing the children? And bringing evil.

On Halloween 2011, BBC News featured comments from a radio interview with photographer Graham Morris, who claimed that many of the events were genuine.

My theory is this, when you buy, rent or lease a house and the price is very cheap, be suspicious.  Ask questions about the history of the house or do your own investigation by going to the historical society in your area.

I was Bullied by a Ghost

It all started, when I went home in the afternoon, after school. I got my books in my car and started the engine. As soon as I started the engine, my radio was playing a different music on my car radio and then started to play different songs, with the lyrics of being guilty. Guilty of what? I did not do anything. While I was going home, the drive was good but my radio was acting up the whole time until I reached home and turned off the engine. It stopped.

My parents weren’t home. They would come later in the evening from work and since I was having trouble in math. I had invited a friend over to help me.  I put on the TV, started the lap top and I went to the kitchen to make a snack for myself. Popcorn and carrots are always great to eat when I study on the computer and watching TV.  While I was making the popcorn and chopping the carrots on the cutting board, I felt someone was watching me right in front of me and then a cold breeze went to through my body. My hair on my body stood up like I had goose bumps. It was not cold in my house, it was warm and the windows in the kitchen were closed.

I then sat on the sofa. I had the TV on watching my favorite show and started to do my homework in algebra. I had to answers some few questions. While I was flipping through the pages of my book and looking for the answer at the end of book, I was still confused.  When I turned my head to the computer screen, big words surprise me it said: “I KNOW WHAT YOU DID” I dropped the laptop on the floor.

“Who’s here?!” I said. There was no sound. Then the TV went snowy and an eerie voice said “I know what you did” I was scared and it was strange.

“What did I do?” I said I stood up and looked around to see who was in my house.  Is my house haunted by a ghost?  I had no enemies. What did it want? The knife from the kitchen flung across the room from the kitchen and headed right towards me. I quickly ducked and the knife dug deeply in the wall. It nearly killed me.

Then my cell phone rang, that scared me too. It was Lisa.

“Hello Lisa. Where are you?” I said

“I am coming over and tutor you,” Lisa said over the receiver from the cell phone.

“Oh yeah. I forgot. My house has gone mad,” I said. Nearly freaking out.

“What? I’ll be there. I am not that far,” Lisa said.

“Okay hurry up” I said. I closed my cell and waited for Lisa.

A mist and then a shadow appeared in front of me. It appeared to be a man. A man I don’t know and it wanted to kill me. It grabbed my neck and lifted me up slowly off the ground. It was squeezing my neck. I was gasping for air. I could feel the hands of this strange ghost like figure and the strength that it can lifted me off the floor.

Then Lisa came in and she saw me floating in mid-air.

“No!” Lisa said.

The ghost dropped me on the sofa and made it’s way to Lisa. The mist and ghost appeared to Lisa. It looked at her. Lisa wasn’t afraid of him.

Lisa recognized the smell. It was her brother cologne.

“Joe, is that you? I am sorry. I wish you could tutor me.  You were better. You made straight A’s and I did not. I know Hank used to treat you bad and teased you. You decided to take your life. Just because he was, mean to you.  I know that you don’t like him. It’s been three months. You have to move forward. Find the light and go. I will be fine. I know you will watch over me.”

The mist or ghost like figure was standing next to Lisa. It was her dead brother. He was haunting me?

“Would it be better if I leave and you can go someplace better? Hank just got out from probation and he’s making things work.  I am helping him in Algebra. If you want me to leave please make a noise or something and I will leave.”  Lisa said.

I mouth words to her “Don’t go”

The knife was pulled off from the wall, and dropped to the floor.

“I am sorry Hank,” Lisa said to hank. “Joe would not bother you again, I made a deal with him and I am sorry. I didn’t know this will happen.”  Lisa left the house. The bright light came in the room and Joe crossed over.

What just happened here? The ghost of Joe was haunting and scaring me, because I was being mean to him over three months ago. He hung himself and took his own life. Oh, my god, the ghost of Joe, Lisa brother, was taking a revenge on me, just because I bullied him.