X-Factor: Paige Thomas and Vino Alan leaves the show

Vino Alan and Paige Thomas
Vino Alan and Paige Thomas

Is that close to the finals, two contestants were sent home last night, and the rest of the six stayed to compete for next week. If you have voted and you did Carly Rose Soneclar and Tate Stevens were the top contenders in the ranking.

What a way to go home during the beginner of the hour, the contestants with the less votes was eliminated and that was Paige Thomas she did  well when performing Wednesday night. Is it because she did not connect with the audience or was it the song choice and that’s the judges kept complaining about.

Runner up Josh Krajcik performed his new single “One Thing She’ll Never Know.” He did great and sound even better.  He even got some soul in his music.

Tate Stevens,  Emblem 3, Carly Rose Sonenclar, Fifth Harmony and CeCe Frey  were all safe. CeCe Frey was surprised that she stayed and the judges thought her performance last night was not good – but she looked hot in her outfit.

The bottom two of the night was Diamond White and Vino Alan. Diamond White sang a Beyonce song “ I was There” and Vino Alan sang a Ray LaMontagne “Trouble” both were good. But the judges had to pick one and it was pretty intense to choose who was a better. Another chance for Diamond white and so long to Vino Alan.

Here how they rank

1. Carly Rose Sonenclar

2. Tate Stevens

3. Emblem 3

4. CeCe Fry

5 Diamond White

James Brock Eliminated from X-factor

James Brock

If you have been watching the x-factor, throughout the season, and we see contestants come and go, the judges have the say who goes and who stay –that’s the difficult part.  We hate to see them go. It’s not the judges fault. It’s America; we have to vote who we like.

The judges eliminated the wrong person Cece should have gone and James Brock should have stayed. James had a good voice when he sang, better than Cece. What’s with the leopard spots on her face? Is she trying to channel a leopard? It’s a fashion statement.  The judges should have judged on the voice and not the look, but in Hollywood, everything  is imaged. It depends how you look and present yourself to the audience and of course, your voice.

James Brock would make it in Hollywood. He has the voice, and he can sing. He has the image, and he’s gay. It doesn’t matter about his personal life, but he has the talent. I hope someone see’s him and give him  a record deal, or if he get’s a recommendation from his mentor LA Reid, he can rule the music industry.

The judging was a little bit different than last year, I see why Paula Abdul and Nicole were replaced because they could not make up their mind and took too long to decide, but will it happened again?  Will the ladies, Britney and Demi make a long decision sometime in the future of elimination even Simon does it too? It is always good to make a quick decision and then tell what did not work for the judges – that would be easy.

If the contestants, X-factor, American Idol and American Got Talent can stick to this lesson: match your voice to a song and pick the right song. Everything  is song choice, and we hear this from the judges all the time, pick the song that matches your voice and the contestants can be a winner. And dress to success, make a good appearance, dress to impress, and be a stand out in a crowd.