Claire McDonnell Hooked up with an Alien

In the summer of 2019, Claire McDonnell from a small town in Iowa hooked up with an alien. She met this man on the Hinge dating app. The gentleman she met was cute with dirty blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, and the weird thing is that his skin doesn’t move when he talks. 

He had his private plane, and he had been flying across the country. So, he randomly DM Claire McDonnell on Snapchat to see if he could spend time together for the night, and of course, she said yes. He was an hour away, but strangely it took him 30 minutes to get to her house. 

The weird thing was when Claire and this guy were talking. He didn’t want to talk about his friends or family. He wanted to talk about politics, which is awkward to start conservation into a relationship. Maybe she was turned on with the political talk, and one thing led to another, and they made out.  His kiss was kind of funny, which was awkward, weird, and slobbery with saliva—and then made out. It reminded me of the show Resident Alien in Syfy. 

The following day, she woke up, and the guy woke up too. She called an Uber for him so he could go back home. It was expensive, but she offered to help him out because he had no money, which was weird. He had no money to get home. He was a pilot. 

Twenty minutes later, she got a call from the Uber driver that the man requested to be dropped off near the cornfields and ran inside the field. And a beam of light sucks him up to the sky. The Uber driver refunded her money because of the man’s odd request. 

That same day a UFO was spotted in Iowa an hour away from where she lived, and the weirdest thing, she had no recollection of what happened to her the night before. She fornicated with the alien last night, didn’t she? No, she wasn’t drunk. During her time with him, she didn’t drink alcohol. 

When the UFOs left the area, her memories came back to her. And she had an oh crap moment. She really made out with this guy in her house, and now he had disappeared from this planet, and she had never seen him again. It was as if he had ghosted her. She tried to reach him but had no luck. 

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It looked like he had wiped her mind when they were making out, and it came back. Could he be an alien that wiped her mind? And not knowing what to do. She’s not kidding.  

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