As you may know, the 93rd Oscars was on ABC the other night, and it was held in the Grand Union Station; this is where your dreams start here in becoming an actor or a filmmaker. And it is the most popular location for a filmmaker. It has the most paranormal activity.

The Grand Union Station is built over the graveyard of the Old Chinatown and the bloodiest massacres too. When passengers arrive at this terminal with a suitcase of dreams, their dreams would be the end of the line. Especially when their suitcase goes missing, and they are left with only the clothes they had on and few monies they have. So, people do not lose their luggage. It does happen; strangers will steal your property, it happened to me. I would never go back and especially travel by Amtrak.

In 1944, a suspicious trunk was delivered from Chicago and was forced to open. What they found was a dead woman.  She was identified as a 24-year-old Louise Villegas. Her killer was her husband Soylo. He murdered his wife during their honeymoon because she found out that he was already married.

According to the Los Angeles Paranormal Associations, the building itself is haunted. They have reported hearing mysterious footsteps on the upper levels and seeing shadowy figures leaning over balconies. Who could it be? Is it the woman from the luggage? Or is it the massacre they had from Old Chinatown?

Very interesting.

Anyway, extremely popular movies were filmed here, such as The Dark Knight Rises (2012), Pearl Harbor (2001), Bugsy (1991), Drag Me To Hell (2009), and Blade Runner (1982).

So, the 93rd Oscars were presented here because dreams start here, and their dreams come true.

The top winners were Anthony Hopkins for best actor in The Father, which also won for best-adapted screenplay. (amazon prime) The upset part is that Chadwick Boseman did not win for Ma Rainey Black Bottom. However, Anthony Hopkins did congratulate him on being nominated.

Nomadland wins for best picture and Frances McDormand for best leading actress. (Hulu)

Mank – for production design and cinematographer. (my favorite category) (netflix)

Sound of Metal – for best sound and film editing. (Amazon Prime)

Ma Rainey Black Bottom – for best makeup and costume. (Netflix)

Promising Young Woman – best original screenplay (amazon prime)

If you have not seen any of these films, please check your streaming services.

I am glad they change the format and arrange it in a certain way to keep us suspense and keep us watching till the end. It will make us watch more. Eventually, the ratings were low, and viewership too. Even if they have a host, it could be better. Could you please get James Corden or Jimmy Kimble to host the show? If they do that, then the ratings will go up.

Still, celebrities like to complain about what is going around the world. Do they know it drags the ratings down if they talk politics on the show? If they want to complain about what is going around the world, they could use their social media account to get their messages across.

Here is the complete winner’s list. Here.