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Do you know it’s the 45 anniversary of men landing on the moon, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were among the crew on Apollo 11 on July 20, 1969. Ending with Gene Ceran and Jack Schmitt on Apollo 17 on December 14, 1972. However, other crew went back to visit the moon again with a secret mission that we did not know and what they found was quite strange and unusually.

Their mission was to put man on the moon, the real mission was what they found on the moon and bring any evidence –especially, the dark side of the moon.

Did you know that Buzz Aldrin saw an UFO and it was following him and his crew to the moon for three days? It did. Probably got lost and wanted to directions to Pluto.

Former NASA Photo Manager and “whistleblower” Ken Johnston’s claim that he screened an Apollo 14 film for a NASA astronomer showing five domed lights inside a crater, with one releasing a plume of steam. He says the key sequence was later spliced out! Johnston also reveals that during the Apollo 11 moonwalk, astronaut Neil Armstrong switched over to the medical channel to alert mission doctors, “Alien spaceships are parked around the rim of a crater, watching us!”

Creepy. And it was edit out from the film! Wow. Or was it Optimus Prime resting before he came to earth?

Oil company executive Vito Sacchari’s exclusive tells his dramatic story of how he pressured NASA into letting him study 2000 lunar photos in 1979, which clearly contained massive alien structures on the moon. He threatens them in a good way.

A mysterious film reportedly showing a “female” alien aboard a landed lunar module after allegedly being recovered during a secret U.S.-U.S.S.R. mission to the Moon to examine an enormous fuselage-like structure photographed by Apollo 15.

The evidence of what they found was very convincing and probably make you a believer or not.

In 2011, a “Lunar Factory” was reportedly photographed by a Chinese Satellite and possible of Alien Moon Base and that made headlines earlier this year.

A Lunar pyramids was photographed by NASA and later alter by them to make them looked like craters and mountains.

What they have found is an head? Where did that come from?

When I was watching this documentary, I was asking to myself, is this for real? What is going on up there? I do believe in UFO’s because I have witness myself back in 1978 at a farmhouse. Click here for the story.

Watching the show makes me realize, that aliens are watching us and trying to communicate with us. Could it be?

The hoax part when the men did not go to the moon? Why? Could it be a cover up of what they found and did not want to tell us?What do you believe?