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If you were watching Paul Rosolie’s Eaten Alive on the Discovery Channel and found out he is still alive. He’s alive. Who wants to be eaten alive by a anaconda and tell about it? That’s a great bed-time story for Paul could tell to his children.

One could say, it was stunt to get viewers aware that these anacondas are very dangerous and several men and animals have been eaten alive and not tell about it.

Many people complained on twitter that he wasn’t eaten alive or be consumed by the big snake.

If you were in the protective suit and you feel that one of your arms were being broken. Would you be alive? One arm would be broken and then a crack or snap from the other one. You can have the protective gear to protect you. Still the anaconda will win.

The anacondas are still strong even the protective barrier he had one to protect his arms and the rest of the body. They were strong, but the pressure of the anaconda can still break anything. Even a tree trunk.

So he was nibble alive, which was good. Discovery channel and Paul knew this stunt was very dangerous and they took a chance. PETA slam the show for their anti-climactic ending and the use of other animals that was being used to get the animals to be eaten alive on the show. The show itself was an education to learn about this beautiful and deadly creatures and Paul wanted to preserve their habitat. By listening to Paul narration and the water field forestland, it was an education to learn about this.  The best way to preserve their habitat is to leave it alone.  If someone interfered it, someone would not return.  So how do you feed a hungry anaconda?

Paul did restricted the animal diet of not eating anything else, but him. The outfit he was wearing was a steel-carbon-fiber-fitted suit strong enough for being constricted and pressurize by the anaconda strength. The anaconda did try to swallow him head first, with the special helmet. Luckily, he had head cams on them and we saw he was being swallow head first, but the strength almost broke his arm and he had to tap out.  So the anaconda almost had curry Paul Rosolie.

Paul felt his arms were getting ready to crack, so he had to pull out.  His crew pulled the anaconda away from Paul and none of the team members got attacked or eaten by this beast of the anaconda.