It is the New Year of 2013, and we survive a crucial catastrophe that will end the earth – the asteroid missed us by an inch, maybe more. Anyway,  we did have some catastrophe in our way – mother nature at her furry. Last year we had a devastation storms that hit the eastern coast and major storms across the United States. It wasn’t the end of the world, but too many storms that cause destruction and we survive.

Is that what the Mayan predicted? The destruction that was coming from storms? We did have some close calls from the asteroids in space, but we had the technology to predict what was coming in our way.

The unpredictable nature we have in the United States that we can not predict is gun violence and killing of a human life, we can not predict that. We have too many mad persons wanted to kill us, for no apparent reason. We are innocent people going on our daily lives trying to make a decent living, and we get gun down. Who suffers? We do. The mad person either does a suicide shot or get arrested.  They do not want to go to jail they go to hell, the easy way to do it. How can we stop this? We still have to be aware of our surrounding at all cost, day and night. Night time is the worst. The freaks come out at night. So the best way, day time, I do all my shopping before sunsets or before 3pm to 5pm or earlier. If I have to work, plan everything in advance.

If I was a physic or a clairvoyant then I would be safe and possible win the lottery many times. It is hard to tell what human beings are thinking. We cannot read minds. Body languages are hard to interpret, but we do have to be safe, it is not our final destination.  We have a purpose, goals and families. We are not safe, look around you. If you see something that was not suppose to be there, mention about it or move it. It is your life you need to be safe. Be responsible.

For the New Year and 2013 is already here, we need to make a change in our lives. We did it last year in the beginning of the New Year, but every year we have to make a resolution and goals to improve our lives. We do want to live longer so eat healthy we do not want to die in our 40’s, that is too young to die. I know a couple of my friends who died in their 40’s, and we were school mates back in High School. People do not take care of their health.  Have a check up. Change your diet and work out more.

Watch your spending.  You know that nothing is free, but we do need to be financially secure.  House passes fiscal cliff deal, tamps down GOP revolt. I wonder what they spend on?  If we keep borrowing from the Chinese, they do make good stuff cheap, but it is not made in America.  If we produce products in America, it can be a little bit expensive if people stop asking for raises.  Everybody is not rich these days there are still middle class, so take what they give to you. Watch your spending and buying habits.