Tate StevensAs you may know Carly Rose Sonenclar was the runner up as Tate Stevens won the X-factor last night. Congratulation to Tate Stevens. Carly Rose had a journey of a ride on the X-factor.  Every week she out shine her competition and people loved her. But she couldn’t compete with Tate Stevens a country singer.

Carly  Rose  12 21 2012Carly Rose Soneclar has a musical theater background that’s why she advances very week, because of her voice, her stage presence and she really worked hard – that’s success! Since she is in Los Angeles, California she could start her career as singer and maybe her mentor Britney Spears could help her out to fulfill her dream as a singer. It is not the end of the world for Carly Rose it’s a new civilization for her and a new year for her too.