As you may know, Brittany Kerr, a cheerleader for the NBA’s Charlotte Bobcats and now a contestant on American Idol, probably can’t challenge Phillip Phillips on talent alone. Phillip Phillips can sing, but Brittany Kerr has the beauty, the singing voice and brains.

It looks like J.Lo wasn’t impressed, and she said, “She’s not going to survive in a week” probably in Hollywood week; that’s when the drama starts and the call backs. However, we have to see it when it comes out. Can she do it?

A massive surge in traffic from peeps looking for Brittany Kerr bikini photos crashed her manager’s website the following day, according to reports.

Kerr’s management company wasn’t the only thing affected. Jim Merrill, a photographer who recently shot Kerr in a bikini, had to buy more bandwidth.

Merrill typically gets about 5,000 hits a month on his website. Just moments after Kerr’s audition, his traffic ballooned to 20,000 hits … Wednesday.

The moral of the story? People love their American Idol. And cyber stalking pics of hot girls who become Z-list celebrities overnight. U-S-A! U-S-A!

And I hope she will make it and for cyber-stalking, forget it.  Why? She is good looking. How many good-looking  girls and guys survive American Idol? American Idol is looking for performance  and showmanship on stage. Can she do it?