Well, poor George Lopez his show got cancel by TBS because of low ratings, and revenue took a steep decline in the time slot during the midnight hour.  Maybe it’s the competition of other late-night shows during that hour, and people turned to those shows. He should have stuck to the format of a talk show for Latinos.

Conan O’Brien took the 11pm slot, and so far his show is doing good by TBS, which leave George Lopez in the dust. Still Conan O’ Brien is not bringing the A-list celebrities on the show or people not watching his show just because he’s on another network. He’s on TBS <whispering>.

When Conan had his own show on NBC, he started of good, but quickly it declined, and he did not bring what the executives wanted.  We still love Jay Leno on NBC, and his rating is improving. He’s loveable, and he’s funny. Jay still makes people laugh, and his humor is relatable to all kinds of subject. Jimmy Fallon is funny too. He likes to interact with people, which is quite funny to watch. How come these comedians are creative? The others are not.

George Lopez should have brought more A-list people on the show. Just because he’s a Latino, and he was on TBS, probably he was on a wrong network after all. He should have been on the Latino network where most of the Latinos get their news and other popular shows too.  If he was there, he will be a success on their network.

Conan O’Brien still does not bring the interesting guest during his 11pm slot on TBS.  The set of Conan O’ Brien show is boring red – orange. Can he change the set color to somewhat more colorful?

Or will it be ring around the roses for Conan too.