Billy Ray Cyrus could not find a book about parenting, he was on the show “Hannah Montana”, he played a single parent, did Dr. Spock leave something out of his child care book about parenting?

There’s thousands of sitcoms that deals with parents and teens situation, and there unusual habits, and we watch it, because it’s funny, and it’s true.  We love to watch characters on TV that resembles us.  Bill Cosby did it on his show about family and it was interesting to watch. Bill Cosby pokes fun at his family and it is still funny. Sarcasm works too. He likes Jazz and Hannah Montana likes pop music. We could learn a lot of ourselves in how to be a better parent. How do we do that? We have to look inside of our self and find out, how did our parents treated us and made us a better parent and what we can do to improve to be a better parent. Technology can’t replace us, because we are human beings.  How did we grow up? Our parents took care of us. They help us and guide us, telling us from right to wrong, and take responsibility of our action. We do make mistake and we are not perfect at all, that’s the fun part and we laugh at that.

The problem with Billy Ray Cyrus he was more than a friend to Miley Cyrus not being a farther to her.

Billy Ray Cyrus relationship with his wife was almost crumbling. He was ambush by the reporters of GQ and they quote him out of context.  When a person get’s upset or mad, that’s not how to be interview people. Probably they wanted to sell their magazine and be a tabloid magazine to make money and humiliated Billy Ray Cyrus that he was a bad parent.

Billy Ray Cyrus was right, communication is the key to great marriage, and happiness too.  The divorce papers were dropped and the family gotten back together. Miley Cyrus is happy. Hollywood can be tempting, but it takes family and support to bring it all together.

Where’s the manual to become a better parent? It’s you. Just talk. Over the dinner room table with the TV off, or compare yourself with TV characters you like either from the past and the present and how it be different, today, just talk. Your family is a situation comedy. Pass the cake please.