If you remember the episode of Hannah Montana when Miley Steward was being, harass by a bully and got thrown in the salad bar, she had a carrot stuck in her mouth. It may be funny to watch, but it is all true. How does your child handle to be bullied at school? To make it worst teenagers would either fight at school and cause a disturbance in their school and be famous in their local newspaper – that’s the humiliation part.

Teenagers and young children who go to school every single day should take responsibility of their action. If your child witnesses a fight in school or see someone being bullied, they should immediately notify their principal anonymously and be discrete about it. The principal deal with the situation. If the bullies get suspended for a couple days, that wouldn’t do, they will do it again when they get back to school.

The best part is to spend time in an actually jailhouse with the other harden criminals, rapist, and murderers. Make them roommate with the harden criminals. Just put the bullies with them for a week. Let them be harassed or bullied by the most experience bullies – the criminals. Let them feel how the harden criminals are still in jail for their action.

The school board and the police department should work together to help and stop bullying in the public school. If the principal is afraid to do this, he/she is not a hero or bad publicity of their school would happen. A hero is saving lives.