You Have Talent, You got to find!

Ever since American Idol is not on the air anymore, but it will be back, because of the judges are music producers and singers, and they know what they look for in a singer if they have a good voice and the image is right for their label then they get a record label.

If you haven’t seen the recent episode of The Voice, they had teenagers in there 15 or 16, and they had incredible voices, the judges couldn’t tell if there were adults singing on the show and they got selected by their mentors on the show.

Why are these teenagers competing on The Voice, So You Think You Can Dance and America’s Got Talent because they got talent and they want to show their talent and what they got? And possible land a record deal, to do that they must work hard and compete with others in the same group with other talented people.

If you dream to be famous, don’t dream, make it real. We have community theaters in our local area, auditions for plays, if you don’t get selected – work backstage – that’s the fun part.

Don’t dream of being a director, if you have a camera that takes good video and you have a good video editor software, tell good stories about your yourself, or make Tutorials, How-to’s, or Reviews of your favorite subjects and topics. Make us laugh!

Do it as regular basis, because editing takes time and follow the guidelines on YouTube, their rules and regulations. That’s how people get notice – they entertain us. Be like them and put your own flair in it. Many actors and musicians got their starts making videos, and now they are famous. YouTube is a platform for talented people.   Stop watching YouTube videos and make a video! Entertain us!

Did you know that most casting agencies go through YouTube videos and if the video has more than a quarter of million views (250,000 – like this number) they will consider you have something. Have you checked how many views they have and compare to yours? You have to be better than them. It’s like a job interview, you have to impress people.

Twiddling thumbs

So You Think You Can Dance: Melanie Moore wins Favorite Dancer.








Melanie Moore, 19-year-old dancer from Marietta,Ga, won the seven season of “So You Think You Dance” on Thursday night. It’s really the dance that won and also by a popularity vote too for the fans who watch the show. Their routines of dance numbers were incredible to watch. So, many creativity in dance to watch and their choreographers taught them the different type of hip-hop, the edgy kind. So wonder this show wins awards for best choreography in a variety show.

When they reveal that the men were cut, Tadd and Marko, this left Melanie and Sasha in the running. These two women were both strong dancers and different in styles.

Every single week the judges have to pick one out of the three person of who will stay in the competition. The top three were chosen by the people, and the judges have to pick which they like.  American Idol will do this in Spring of 2012. They will change the voting procedures. They had a wide selection of judges such as Lady Gaga, Kristin Chenoweth, Megan Mullally, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Christina Applegate and — hello — Katie Holmes, all of whom actually added to our appreciation of the art.Fergusonwas back for the finale — the only non-dancy person behind the judges’ table. They had a surprise guest to come to the dance studio.  It was the cast of Glee, Rivera, Heather Morris and Harry Shum Jr. They gave the four nominees to see a sneak preview to see “Glee 3D.”

During the pass two hours, they showed the judges favorite dance routine, and they were incredible dancers to watch. Over 11.5 million people either watch or voted for their favorite. It was like getting a free preview of  “So You Think You Can Dance”  tour coming soon in arenas across theUnited States. It can’t wait to see them in arenas.