Dybbuk: Box of Horrors

Box 1

When people were watching Ghost Adventure LIVE:  the opening of the Dybbuk box, they were suspecting the box would be open LIVE on the show. It’s like they wasted their time watching other possessed evil dolls and haunted items they have collected over the years. Even constructor workers walk off during the installation and reconstruction of the 1938 building. The building itself was owned by Cyril S. Wengert, a business person. His family members passed away and left their energy at the house. Especially the basement, that’s the most evil place where the Dybbuk is located – sealed.

You have to know the history of each haunted item. If you don’t know who are you gonna called? Ghost Busters! I have the song stuck in my head.

They are countless documentary featuring the Dybbuk Box, and they say the same thing over and over again. It’s evil.

How did it get here? A Holocaust survivor by the name of Havela who bought wine box in Spain. Dybbuk means a restless or malicious spirit that can haunt the living. It’s a Hebrew descent, and it has the Shema prayer in it.  Kevin Mannis bought the box after Havela’s death. In the years of owning the box, he had been experienced strange and tragic events with his life. He purchased this box for his wife, and she suffers a stroke.  The wife pointed out the box and wrote a note that says “hate gift” the wife survives in the hospital.

Mannis tries to get rid of the box by selling it on eBay with a warning, that the box is evil and if they purchased your life would not be the same. And of course, people bought it and evil happened to them. What they have experienced were evil nightmares that took over their life. It’s the same thing with Ouija Board. When would people stop purchasing the Ouija Board, it’s evil like the Dybbuk Box, the box itself is more deadly than Ouija Board. Stop buying it and posting videos on YouTube and paranormal groups on Facebook saying: “have you tried it?” we get it, it’s evil. Don’t buy it for any reason. Save yourself.  I rather watch cooking shows!

Everyone is curious, is it real? Of course, it is, the box is locked up in a basement of Zak Bagan’s The Haunted Museum, where they have a lot of haunted items. Such as the Raggedy Ann Doll of Annabelle Lee, the staircase from Indiana’s “Demon House” before it was demolished in 2014. As well as the “Propofol chair” from Michael Jackson’s death room. A doll name Peggy caused nosebleeds.

Post malone

Post Malone, musician, and rapper, visit the haunted museum and the box. He touched it. He was followed by a black figure that emerges from the museum. Malone house was burglarized, the plane that he was on made an emergency landing, and he was in a severe car accident.  A visitor dropped to the floor in the Dybbuk chamber and needed medical attention.

The visitor who wanted to visit the museum, there’s a waiver they must sign. If you touch an item or take a picture, it will follow you. One of my friends who touch an object or take a photo hasn’t been himself/herself for the past two years. So sad, passed away. Listen to your tour guide!




The Mystery of the Dybbuk Box

One should never open the Dybbuk box, the box itself was first used to describe the subject of an original story by Kevin Mannis. It  was featured on Syfy’s Paranormal Witness,  which he posted as an Ebay auction listing. Mannis, a writer and creative professional by trade, owned a small antique and furniture refinishing business in Portland, Oregon at the time. According to Mannis’ story, he purportedly bought the Box at an estate sale in 2001.

Not knowing there was evil in the box, eventually when Mannis took the box home and opened it,  strange occurrences happened at the store. He had an assistance which was working one afternoon, while Mannis was away for a business. He got a frantic called from him his assistance at the store. When he got back, the store was quiet and empty. He did not see his assistance there. He then went to the basement. The basement door was locked. How did it get locked? He opened the lock, and inside it was dark. He tried to put on the lights, but the lights weren’t working. So he grabbed the nearest flash light and started to search for his assistance. He noticed the long tube light that was hanged crashed to the floor. Several of them were on the floor. He wondered how did this happened?  Then he called out for his assistance to see if she was alright. She did not respond. But when he turned his flashlight to one side, she  startled him, and she left.

Since the dybukk box was sitting on the table,  and it was open.  He closed it. He then showed the dybukk box to his mom as a gift, which was not a good idea to do, he showed it to her. Then he was called away by an associate, and she opened the box.  She felt something evil came out, and it consumed her and knocked her out to the chair. She felt her eyes were droopy, and her mouth was saggy. She felt she was having a stroke. Her son came back, and he saw her eyes were gazed at the box and no movement from the chair. He called out to her, but no answer from her. So he called 911 and they took her to the emergency room, and she felt better. The box did something to her.

Ever since he had the box, it was causing disturbance at the store and at home. Even nightmares too, so he tried to sell it, he placed it in front of the store. Then  someone immediately bought it, a few hours later, it was bought back, with a note said:  “It is evil.”

He then sold it on Ebay,  he took a nice picture of it, wrote a nice description of the box, and set the price for a reasonable price. Across the interweb, a group of college students saw the listing of  the Dybbuk box  on EBay and the description of the box was haunted, and they were debating whether one of  them should buy it and try it. The following day, one of the room mates saw the empty box with packaging material outside in the living room. When the roommate  turned to the kitchen, it was there. It was staring at him, and the trick was his other room mates entered from the other door, and he mentioned that he bought it online.

One of the roommates started to blog about the box and the things happening to him and his roommates. First, the lights were popping. The power keeps going out. Some of the room mates were having troubling sleeping, having nightmares, looking like zombies  in the morning,   and their eyes were red. This hadn’t happened before, but when the box came, things out of the ordinary happened.

A professor who was reading his blog about the things happening in the apartment was curious as a matter of science. When he saw the listing posted on Ebay, many people were also curious about the box too, they were eager to get the box through an online auction. The bids were coming in and the professor won the auction and the matter of days it came. When the Dybbuk box came to the office, the computers and power were going crazy and outage too.   He examined the box very carefully and took pictures and notices few interesting things on it. He saw a strip of wax on the box like it was used in ritual for worshiping. Then the  professor took it home and put it in his truck. The professor could not sleep. He was having nightmares of an old hag appeared in his dream wanted to kill him, but he woke up from his nightmarish dream. When he looked into the mirror, his eyes were red as zombies.

So he buried the Dybukk box in an old abandoned old house that he owned and it started again. The nightmares came back and the bruises too. The dark mass appeared in his house scaring his son.  So he decided to call the owner of the box, Mannis and he mention to contact the original owner of the box. He did, it had belonged to a Polish Holocaust survivor named Havela, who had escaped to Spain and purchased it there before emigrating to the United States. Havela’s granddaughter told Mannis that the Box had been kept in her grandmother’s sewing room and was never opened because a dybbuk — an evil spirit from Jewish folklore — was said to live inside it. He offered to give the box back to her, but she became upset and refused to take it.

A group of ladies in the 1930s in a Jewish community, created an Ouija board out of  a cloth, putting letters and number and called out the spirit, which was bad thing to do. The spirit came, and the ladies were shock in what they did. Since the ladies could not put out the spirits away they draw it out.  They decided to put the materials in the box with the artifacts. And everything was clammed.

If you had seen the episode on Paranormal Witness on Syfy and listened to the witness who claimed to encounter this episode was the scariest of them all. The movie ‘The Possession’ opens Friday, August 31, 2012, nationwide.

Out today nationwide

The story has a similar theme, based and inspired by the true story of the incident, the dybukk box.  It will either scare you or not, but I hope it will scare you, because it is  based on a true story.  Go out and see it.