Jeremy Rosado heads home

It’s so sad to see Jermey Rosado going home. He did a good job in performing “Ribbon in the Sky” Randy said the night before “For me, it wasn’t your best performance. This is a really difficult song. I didn’t really quite believe it tonight,” says Randy. Eventually, his performance and song choice was not that impressive. It’s good idea to challenge yourself in singing, which is good, but we do have to find the right song for your voice can sing and challenge ourselves.

Also the other contestants who were at the bottom were Rosado, Jermaine Jones, Testone and Shannon Magrane. It was a close call to everyone. Everybody did great in performing their song, and it was fantastic. They were great.  Remember know the story of the song and connect to your audience, it’s like acting.

I am so glad the judges are deciding who goes home, previous season the TV audience would choose, and they would send the wrong person going home and the judges would get upset too. Still the audience would vote, but at the final end it’s the deciding time with the judges, this is so much better.

American Idol Pick 13 Contestants For the show

Phillip Phillips, of Leesburg Ga.

Heejun Han,  quirky 22-year-old nonprofit organizer ofNew York.

Skylar Laine, spunky 18-year-old country crooner, from Brandon, Miss.

Hollie Cavanaugh,18-year-old vocalist, ofMcKinney,Texas.

Colton Dixon, 20-year-old alt-rock musician, of Murfreesboro,Tenn.

Jermaine Jones, 25-year-old “gentle giant”, of Pine Hill,N.J.

Joshua Ledet, booming 19-year-old student of Westlake,La.

Shannon Magrane, soaring 16-year-old vocalist of Tampa,Fla.

Jessica Sanchez,16-year-old ofSan Diego.

Elise Testone, 28-year-old teacher ofCharleston, S.C

Wild Card

Deandre Brackensick,17-year-old student of San Jose,Calif.

Jeremy Rosado, 19-year-old receptionist of Valrico,Fla.

Erika Van Pelt, 26-year-old disc jockey of South Kingstown, R.I

The others were sent home because they weren’t good, such as Eben Franckewitz, he sang “Set Fire to the Rain” apparently he could have done a dance routine and sang “Singing in the Rain.” It wasn’t his night.

Brielle Von Hugel, sang a “Someone Like You” by Adele, someone like her couldn’t sing like Adele only Adele could sing her own song. Sorry stage mom, the daughter will be someone going home.

Do these contestants study the lyric’s prose of the song and get the meaning of the song? The song is a character. It has emotions, the same thing like acting.  If we know the character and portray the actor really good we could be a better actor. Jean Dujardin from the “The Artist” grab 5 awards including Best Picture and for Best Actor, a silent film.  The silent film did better than American Idol contestants (I am having a Simon Cowel moment). Apparently, some of the contestant missed their mark when they sang.

Some of the repeat contestants who auditioned last year did not make it through, but got cut during Hollywood week. They were giving a second chance, and they made it through the live show, and people voted for them.