Cullowhee Valley School Haunted School

Cullowhee Valley School (Grades K-8) in Cullowhee, North Carolina was built on the site of a couple Native American villages, dating from five hundred years ago to several thousand years ago. The site was a village multiple times, as there would be one there that would get destroyed or abandoned and the people would move elsewhere. The site was a family homestead and farm from the mid-1800s up until the 1970s. When NC 107 was relocated in the 1980s, the old farmhouse was moved across the new road to a new site. The School itself was built in 1994, with site work preparation began in the late 1980s. They discovered serious erosion issues and uncovered the site of the ancient villages during the site work, and construction was postponed for two years. When it resumed, workers noticed strange things happening, tools disappearing and doing strange, erratic things. When the school first opened, there were many reports from students and faculty of strange occurrences, including lights flickering and turning on and off by themselves, technology behaving in an erratic manner, doors opening and closing by themselves, some rooms being impossible to heat or cool, toilets flushing, and the automatic air dryers going off by themselves. During a 6th Grade Band Concert in the late 1990s, the doors inside the locker rooms slammed open and closed by themselves spontaneously. When teachers investigated, they found the contents of the rooms scattered about and nobody inside. People at the school often feel like they are being watched and many teachers who stayed after school until late at night to do work for their classes often report seeing Native American people walking up or down the hallways of the school, dressed how they dressed before the settlers came. Since artifacts were returned to the building around 2000, the sightings have continued, but have decreased in intensity and frequency.

The witness said, “I am assured you that a lot of weird stuff did happened to students, parents, teachers and staff”

August 2, 2012

Abandon Sandy Hook Elementary School

As one may know already, the children of Sandy Hook elementary are returning to their school, the new school. The old school is now a crime scene and possible may be abandon. Who would use that school when a vicious crime was committed their?

When a crime or killing in a school happens, things may go paranormal scary. What I meant by this, children were killed in the school, and the gun man who killed them, left  presence there.

It may eerie to investigate a crime scene where children were involved. What would happened if an investigator was looking for clues and he suddenly hears a child foot steps in the hall way or hear crying voices in the building. He is not alone in the building. It may not be scary, but there are spirits of children and a madman who died in the building.

What about the killer itself, he left an immense impression in the school. He killed many people and their spirits will remain there or be residual spirits trying to conduct a class and the killer will be their killing again.

It would be scary to go back to the school to investigate for more clues, the crime was already done. They have found the gun and dead bodies. What else can they possible find?

Haunted Schools

Since schools are violence and death had occurred in these buildings some of the these schools can be haunted by restless souls trying to cross over or have unfinished business.

Here are some true and haunted tales of Elementary schools or High School in North Carolina and if you have some haunted tales you like to share. Please share.

The Tryon Elementary School in Bessemmer City is home to several ghosts, all of which are elementary school students. Some students and teachers report seeing a little girl in short tan pants, with a blue and red shirt. She also has blue eyes and blonde hair. Stories also exist of the ghosts of little boys in the mirrors in the bathrooms of the fourth and fifth grades.

The Cline School in Mt.Pleasant isn’t necessarily haunted, but some people have reported seeing the ghost of a man near the school. If you drive down Cline School Road after midnight, don’t be surprised if you see the man walking alongside your car. Keep in mind that he won’t be there if you stop the car to investigate.

The Caroleen School in Caroleen, North Carolina no longer exists, but don’t tell that to the ghosts that haunt the school gym. Two students at the school were raped and then killed during the early part of the 1950s and their ghosts still wander the gym. The county demolished the school, but left the gym standing for some odd reason. The ghosts of the two girls are sometimes seen wandering around the gym.

Concord is home to the haunted Winecoff Elementary School. The school was once used to house students from elementary school through graduation. The legend claims that a football player died in the hallway. After playing hard during a game, he had a heart attack. The exact hall where he died no longer exists, but students still see him floating around.

Gastonia is home to more than one haunted school. One is the Lincoln Academy, a former school for girls. Legend says that a group of boys kidnapped a girl from the school, raped her, killed her and left her tied to a tree. Some visiting the area late at night claim to see weird smoke and have car problems, particularly when they stop on or near the bridge. At Brookside Elementary School, some have seen someone moving around the school after it’s closed and hear noises coming from the nearby woods.

The former site of the Lincoln Academy in Kings Mountain is haunted by a more recent event. Two men carjacked a girl passing through the area, used barbed wire to tie her to a tree and killed her. Not surprisingly, her ghost haunts the spot where she died.

In Jackson, North Carolina has its own tragic story. A group of schoolchildren were sentenced to detention in the boiler room. The teacher locked the doors, giving them no way to escape when the boiler exploded. Some claim that the hand prints of the children were permanently burned into the walls and report hearing children scream.