American Got Talent Top 6: Remember to Vote


If you had been watching America’s Got Talent this summer, in which I have and I have been voting, I did not write about the whole summer, I should have, and but I got busy with some other projects. Like I mentioned before I did vote for my favorite act and you should too.  Remember you have to vote this is not the presidential election, but we can vote more than one time for favorite acts on AGT.

When Chicago Boyz and Kenichi Ebina approached the stage, they were both great. Their was a mishap with Chicago Boyz when the jump rope was caught on the necks of the boyz while Kenichi floated in the air with strobe light effects, that was cool and perfect timing.  Kenichi Ebina  goes through the finals. What trick would he be performing next week?

Next line up was Innovative Force and Cami Bradley. Innovative force did great in pulling an innovative stunt in their dance routine which was cool. Cami Bradley sang beautiful.  Cami Bradley advances to the final.

Next up was the Kirstef Brothers and Taylor Williamson. The Kristef Brothers did a parody of an exercise program commercial that we see at night  but they used their strength while the students in the back was trying to keep up, that was good. Taylor Williamson kept us laughing at his jokes, one-liners and funny stories. He was funny, so Taylor Williamson advances.  I hope he writes better jokes one-liners and funny stories.

Follow by Forte and Branden James. They both did good. Forte advances to the final.

Next up was D’Angelo  and Amanda and Jimmy Rose. I like the dancing couple they were cute. They dance really good. Jimmy Rose sang good and Jimmy Advances.  At least D’Angelo  and Amanda stayed  throughout the whole season, it was a pleasure to watch them dance.  I hope someone will give  D’Angelo  and Amanda a chance to win and compete maybe Dancing with The Stars.

The last group of people were Catapult Entertainment and Collins Key.  Shadow dancing was absolutely good that was incredible to do I can’t even do that with my hands to create a shadow. Collins Key my five words are “how did he do it” I like magic. But one thing I don’t want to know it’s the secret of magic while spoil the fun and the entertainment of magic. What would he pull out of his magic hat next week? The Spice Girls.

Remember don’t forget to vote for your favorite, if you want your favorite to win you have to vote.  VOTE HERE

American Got Talent Live Performance

Last night was the first live performance of America’s Got Talent.  So far, the judges pick the right contestants to perform last night and some were good. But it was America to decide of who will go and who will stay.  Will American people vote and watch their favorite go home? The results will be on tonight at 9pm on NBC.

Collins Key did magic and once again he baffled the mind of the judges. The judges liked him and so did the audience. I hope he continues to do close up magic with the judges or with the audience member. He’s a keeper.  Or can he pull off by doing big tricks, like Special Head did. He did well before, but it looks like Special Head is not Special anymore. The timing of the trick did not go as plan. The smoke did not cover him up completely  and Special’s head head was shown when he disappear. Why would he be on the top of RCMH (Radio City Musical Hall) marquee? He should have reappeared behind the judges.

Anna Christine sang good and so did Aarlyn and Izzy, the brother and sister duo. Is that singing? Screaming like a heavy metal band? Howard was right. It’s a million dollar act, the contestants should step it up and be serious of winning.  The only contestant who out shine in the singing group was Braden James, he connected with the audience and the judges to.

Fresh Faces a group of 5 young girls dance, they were good and it looked like they were having fun, but they were not in sync they were all over the place.  But I like Hype they were good and modern dance. I hope people voted for Hype.

Kristef Brothers did an incredible act, their act was an acrobatic and strength and it was funny with the jock strap. Howie was amazed and called it the “best act of the night.” Let’s put it this way: At one point, one of the Brothers was balancing himself with one hand — on the other’s head! It was crazy!

Tellavision were dancing with TV monitors with images and real dancer too, it was good and different.

American Hitman, veterans from the Iraqi war sang and performed, they were also good too.

Alexander the Great, even Houdini would be proud of her. She escaped from a glass water tank with chains and locks and used a lock pit to unlock and escape.  I almost passed out. I was holding breath when she did this act.

Kevin Downy Jr. was hysterical funny as a comedian. He made me laugh and the judges laugh too.  He’s a keeper.