Haunted Theaters Halls in North Carolina

When we see a traveling Broadway play that comes to our area, they need a place to put a show. Eventually, the owner will tell them it’s a beautiful place and the stage area is massively big, and the dressing rooms are actually they never seen before. Actually, the dressing room is the same as an ordinary dressing room in any theater — lights on the mirror, bathroom in the corner, and a sink with a mirror. And of course, a smelling trash can with a burrito.

One thing theater owner won’t tell you, the building is old and with that, it has a lot of history behind it, and it is haunted. 

McGlohan Theater

The McGlohan Theater in Charlotte, NC. It was named after a jazz pianist Loonis McGlohan. First, it was a Baptist Church in the early years and in the 1980’s it was converted into a performing arts building. The ghosts that inhabit the theatre are thought to be from the church days and have been heard roaming the halls and singing on the stage. It’s hard to be surprised considering the theatre is located in Spirit Square.

The Carolina Theater in Greensboro NC has two gruesome encounters of the paranormal. In 1927, the theater was open on Halloween night, and it was plagued by the death of a construction worker that fell to his death during the building construction.

In the 1980s a woman hid inside the theater after closing and was killed when a fire broke out. Her body was found in the stairwell, and since her presence in the building was unlawful, it is believed that she set the fire for attempting suicide.

Today, co-workers and visitors of the theater claim to have weird things to happen, like seats will be moving, lights flickering on stage during a rehearsal, and sometimes she will sit at the back of the auditorium watching the play and disappears.

The Old Courthouse Theater in Concord, NC. It was built in 1922 as a Baptist Church. In the 1970’s it was converted to a theater. The worst critic is “The Deacon” who is the apparition who stalks the premise of the building. He would flicker hall lights, rattling set pieces that he doesn’t know and messing with the stage lights. Whistling, singing voices, and jingling keys. It has been difficult with the new owners and recently there was a fire in 2018.

Creepy and True Stories

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Queens College Hauntings

Queens University

Queen’s College in Charlotte North Carolina appears to be a hot bed of paranormal activity. In one dorm is the unhappy weeping ghost of a young woman who was in love with another woman. When her parents found out, she killed herself by cutting her wrists in a girls dorm. The next morning she had written her love letters to Julie in blood on the wall. Down thru the years students have seen Julie and the messages on the wall written in blood. Phantom knocks on walls and doors as well as doors opening and closing on their own.

Students claimed to hear the girl’s ghost weeping and some even claimed to see her with wrists cut walking in the bathroom all bloody and dripping of blood.

The apparitions of Civil War era soldiers are seen on campus as well as the phantom sounds of screams

Several years later another male student hung himself one night and the next morning his body was found swinging from a rope. Some students have claimed to see the ghost of the body swinging from his rope and have even called for Police only to have the Police find no hanging student when they arrive. And it has happened several times over the years.

Some students have claimed to see Civil War era soldiers in the area of Queens College and on the grounds.

And many students say in a small area on the college and over the years mentioned that some students committed suicide on campus.

Albright Residence Hall and Wallace Residence are the most active cases of paranormal activity.

What’s that behind you?


North West Middle School Haunted – Charlotte NC

It is said that a ghost of a girl name Sadie, from the 1950’s, haunts the school. They say that she spent a lot of time at the school because her father was a mean drunk and always beating her.

 One afternoon, she came home late, her father came after her, and she took off down the street. Since she felt safe at school, she tried to go there, but while crossing the street in front of the school. She got hit by a truck and died instantly near the school.

People are saying she felt safe at school, her spirit stayed in the school. Faculty and students can hear her banging on the pipes and desk will move and rattle in the classrooms. Bathroom stalls will flush, and the doors will be opened.

“I was in the bathroom putting on makeup for a boy I like. I bent down to my purse to grab a lip-gloss. When I lifted my head in the mirror, I saw a reflection of a girl in the mirror. I said to her ‘Are you new to the school?’ she did not say anything to me. She just looked at me somewhat creepy. Then her face change. Her eyes were sunk in, she came at me very fast, and when I turned around to the bathroom stall doors, she was gone. That was the first time I saw her.” Beth said, a former middle school student. Beth ran out of the bathroom.

In the auditorium, if one will look back to the attic window where the projector was, you can see something moving like a person moving around in there. The door of the projector room was locked. The stairs leading up the projector room, you will get chills on the back of your neck to warn you not to go up there.

Do you feel a chill next to you?

Is your hair on your arm standing up?

She’s right next to you.

This is a TRUE STORY