When the emails came out during the 1990s, it is the best way of communication, no more sending letters or use a courier, emails are the fastest way of communication.

Here are some do’s and don’t of using emails:

Do have a clear subject line
Emails are clogging up in the inbox, and we have determined what to read and don’t. The subject line is the eye-catcher of what to read. If you are sending a note to someone, put the title of the note and your name. For example “Title of the Note — !!!! Your Name !!!!.”  this is a sure way to get attention for the reader to read your note.

Do put your signature
A signature is not an actual signature, who will read squiggly lines on an email. A signature is your name, a title of what you do and contact information (name, email, phone number, and address), that means they don’t have to use a Rolodex to find you. Some people do use a Rolodexes.

Do use a professional salutation
If you know the person name, then use the person name. If the name is foreign, get the spelling name right. The name is everything. If you don’t know how to spell it, look it up on the email directory on the company website.  Don’t use their nickname, that’s unprofessional. It happened to me one time, and I let it go. And I submitted the copy to my HR (Human Resource), that person got fired. The appropriate is this “Dear,  Hailee” or “Hi” or “Hello.”

Do proofread your messages
When you compose an email, make sure your grammar and spelling are correct. Don’t abbreviate your text when sending out a message. Especially, when texting on your cell phone. Spell every word out, if not it will be hilarious to see it on a late night TV show, that a CEO could not spell a word correctly and they are highly educated.

Don’t write an angry message.
If you are upset or angry, you will regret it, and you may lose your job. Please consider of revising your message in a calm tone. In other words, watch your tone of writing.

Do reply to your messages
If you get an email, do answer your messages. It’s a confirmation that you read it or got the message. Many people don’t do this, because they say they were busy. It’s that an excuse? But it takes one minute to read the email. And one minute to write a response. Because we are not mind readers of what the other person is thinking.  

Do check your emails
When someone says to you “Did you get my message?” and your response “I have been busy the whole day.”  They have their cell phone smartphone with them, and the phone is in their pockets. What were they looking at it, Facebook? Instagram? Please check your emails and reply to the messages.  Check your email to four and five times a day or more. Sometime the message would go into the junk mail or spam mail because their name is not in their contact list. Check your mail. And delete your junk mail, if you have any, You will never know what is important.

Do check your attachments
When someone sends you an attachment. Do open it and read it. Don’t just leave there and not know it was there. It could be important.