zombies wedding

I have been invited to many weddings, and I am still single.

Weddings are good, but when I see the bride and the groom getting married I wonder what groom’s men and bridesmaids do? Do they wait in line for the next couple to get married? I should wait in line too.

Why the does the groom have a best man? If the best man get’s the flu, does the best man steps up? What if the best man decides to bail. I should be there in line too.

The only weddings I like to attend is Indian wedding, not with the feathers on the head – no offense I respect all cultures. The Bollywood weddings are so joyful, very colorful, music, dancing, and the food are absolutely delicious.

America weddings are good too; if they have a theme, it would be better (sarcasm).  And memorable, that means people can talk about it over the years to come. Some themes include Michael Jackson’s songs people would dance to Michael Jackson “Thriller”. Or something spectacular. Create a memorable event. What does she like? And What does he loves? Combine the both. Find something that is in common to both ideas. A plain and simple wedding is good too but makes it into big production to entertain your guests.

If your wedding theme is outside, make sure it doesn’t rain – have everything inside.

I went to a wedding, where the wedding couple had their backs to the crowd, and they were facing the wall to cut the cake. Taking pictures was impossible. They could have it in the center of the room where the bride and the groom have the audience around them and easy to take pictures. The wedding could be better (sarcasm)

What’s the worst wedding themes? The worst could be great or even better it depends how big the production and the happy couple too. Make your wedding remember and memorable.

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