Do you remember MySpace, that’s the best way if you want to have a private time with your friends and be careful what you post it can go viral and expose yourself.  Millions of teens used to have this, but when facebook came around we used facebook to get the latest news on our family and friends, like a family reunion.

While teens seem to understand about privacy, we still must be careful what to put out there micro blogging like Tumblr  and Pheed came in.  So does twitter, but it is good to use. But remember, be careful what you post.

Path, which limits your friend list to 150 people, this is built-in privacy makes everything feel more personal – though if you have 151 real-world friends, you’ll just have to choose.

Snapchat, a way to send pictures that self-destruct, like those mission impossible TV series, but it is a fun way to share casual, goofy pictures  that aren’t meant to signify deep meaning in your life. Just remember that, as with anything you post digitally, it will be deleted and NSA would not know about it and it will not haunt you for the rest of your life.

For texting and messaging Kik and WhatsApp have bitten into Facebook messaging especially in the US and they are good to use too.