Boo Halloween!!

Are you ready to get your scare on for Halloween? Remember we do have good ghosts and bad ghost out there.

The good ghost are the ones that someone we love that passed away recently. Even though they are buried, they are still with us in the house watching us and making sure that we are okay.

Sometime when I do laundry and collected the clothes from my dad’s room. I always say “Good morning, Mom. Love you and miss you.”  I talk to her. She died in the bed room.  Sometime I do get a response and sometime I don’t, but I know she can hear me, which is good. Her presence is in the room and in the house.

I mention this in a previous post, that when she died a couple days ago after her death I saw an orb floating in the house. And I saw a shadow in the house. I wasn’t scare. I knew it was her. She is watching over us. And I heard her voice! It called out my name. Only I heard it. My dad did not hear it.

Her clothes are still in the closets, especially her saries that she wore to work at ECSU. It looked magnificent on her. I still have pictures of her in her saries. It’s hard to remove her clothes out of the closet and put in boxes.

“Mom I am putting your clothes in boxes for safe keeping” I would say.

Because if I did not say that, I would hear shuffling noise in the room or even poltergeist activity in the house, that would be scary. But I know who it is.

So talk to your decease love one, they can hear you.

If you feel cold or warm around your body, it’s not the house, it’s the presence of love one.

Summer time is the best time to have a decease loved one to walk around the house you can save a lot of money on air conditioner bill. They could keep the house cool on a hot day.

The bad thing about ghost is not telling what you doing, throwing things away, rekindle bad memories or bad behavior and talking about it. They can hear you!

Poltergeist activity in the house will start, like slamming doors where the windows are closed.  A room that was clean few minutes ago is messed up again in seconds when you come back to the room.  Can the ghost be neat?

Then you hear the toilet flushing? And no was home only you? Bad pipes? Can ghost pee? Was it a number one or two? Who are gonna called?

The Long Island Terror

Paranormal Pictures  6 7 2013In between 2005 and 2011  a woman and her two daughters, the husband and father of the family, a New York firefighter died tragically  and was claim a hero.  She did not want to deal of the painful but happy memories of her family but to move out and move on.

So the family moved to Long Island to a nice house and with the help of the firefighters who were renovating for the mother and her two daughters.  Once the house was completed, strange things have occurred.

One of the fire fighters decided to clean out the basement. So he took out a broom and swept up the floor and as he was sweeping up floor. He saw some paintings on floor. He swept up the whole place and discovered an old pentagram has been drawn on the floor. Also uncovered are some writings from the late 1920s that indicate the place was once used by devil-worshippers.

Then all hell break loose for the family, with objects being thrown about, loud knocking heard in the walls, and — most ominously — shadowy figures that seem to mean the family harm. Even the teen children were affected and they are scare what would happen to them. One of the youngest was afraid to use the bathroom so one of them has to stay in front of the bathroom door.

Since the mother had security cams around the house, she decided to check on them.  The mother saw her  oldest teen decided to go outside in the cold to get some fresh air of all the paranormal activity that happen in the house.   She sat there, swinging. Her mother watches her from the security camera. Then suddenly satanic worshippers were behind her. The mother rushes down stairs from her bed room to outside. The oldest who was on the swing was pushed from the swing and broken her ankle and almost dragged across the snow.  She scream!

After coming from Hospital, the oldest teen had a strain ankle and needed bed rest.  While her mom was out shopping, strange occurrences were happening  in the daughter room. A black figure came out from the mirror and approaching her. She screamed and fell onto the floor and her the cell phone fell too. She crawled underneath the bed and called her mom in which she was shopping across town. She dropped everything and rushed home.

The oldest daughter could see feet approaching her bed and then it walked away.  She was reveal. Suddenly it pop it’s head at the bottom of the head and she scream.

That was the mother last straw. No one is going to scare her daughters out of the house. She took her daughters to her mother’s house  and return to battle the demons in her house.

She called Liz Milano, a paranormal investigator and Dawn Jolly a local psychic medium to assist to take down the demons out of her house.  Dawn explained to the mother that there had been cults that had conjured demons and evil spirits in the area, and had apparently been working in that basement. The demolition in the basement had created an opening, and those spirits were coming back across.

With a bucket of smoldering sage, a cross, and their own spirits, Dawn, Liz, and the mother began the process of blessing and cleansing the house.  They heard chanting, screaming, and even a fireball of demonic energy appear before them in the same area that had so scared Tony.