The X-Factor: Stacy Francis went home and Astro needs an Attitude check.

Is that a rock song when they sang on Wednesday night performance? Apparently, the contestants sang their rock songs and some of the songs either were a soft-rock, pop-rock, and reggae-rock. It was good and great performance from all the contestants. If you did your share and voted for favorite your favorite would have stayed.

I thought. Leroy Bell would have gone home tonight, but he was safe. His song choice wasn’t right his next perform would have been a better.

Contestants who were safe were:

Leroy Bell

Lakoda Rayne

Chris Rene

Melanie Amaro

Rachel Crow

Josh Krajck

And Drew.

The bottom two were Stacy Francis and Astro. Francis knew she was the bottom two and sharing the stage with Astro. Francis sang “Amazing Grace” and it was amazing, one of her good performance last night.

However, Astro thought he owns it. He thought he was the best until he was at the bottom two. From the beginning of the show when it premiered his attitude was slowly coming out.  His rap songs were originally, and he could sing anything with rap. I am not a big fan of rap music, but they are other rap artists who are great and been in the business longer than him.

Astro came out and almost refused to play along with the whole Survival Song script. “I really don’t think I should perform. I think it’s unnecessary,” he said. But then Reid talked him into it, saying he’d come too far to give up. And so Astro rapped his way patchily — heartbreakingly, I thought — through “Never Can Say Goodbye.” His rapping was not good.

They could have let him go, and Astro can take the lesson the hard way. Make him think what happened.

Reid chewed Astro out — “You acted a little bit like a quitter and it upset me,” he said, but then threw his chips his mentee’s way anyway, opting to send Francis home. Later, he and Astro’s mother would have a serious career making decision and his attitude.

Stacy Francis was better, even though her song choice wasn’t the right match. If people remember from American Idol, the pioneer of talent show and the previous winners from the show, the song choice is the key to succeed.

Nicole Scherzinger, who was Fancis’s mentor, predictably chose to save her and send Astro home. If Paula did the same thing send Astro home. Simon would have agreed and send Astro home too. Stacy Francis would have another week to redeem herself that she is in it to win it.

Cowell zeroed in on Astro alone, telling him, “I don’t like your attitude right now.”  He made him uncross his arms and look him in the eye, and he tried to get him to say that he’d behave better if he landed in the same spot again in the future. Cowell went so far as to mention Astro’s beloved mom.

That’s when a tear trickled down Astro’s cheek, reminding us that this swaggery performer full of blustery bravado was just a little boy — a sad, disappointed kid from Brooklyn, who’d put his all into the competition despite being sadly separated from the very mom for whom he’d written the tribute that put him on the “X Factor” map. He believed this show would take him (and his family) somewhere, and it had let him (and them) down. The voters didn’t like him, and he was hurt.

“I don’t want to perform for people who don’t want me here,” he said, understandably injured.

Though Astro is still a child, Cowell reminded him that he was expected to behave like a grownup. “You know what the rules are,” he said.

In the end, though, Cowell saved Astro and sent Francis home. He did not want to do it but he did.

Who did have the lowest vote, probably Astro. Francis would have been saved.

If Astro performs well next week, please don’t vote for him. His attitude get’s in the way and he’s too young and immature.

X-Factor: InTenSity Will Do Great









For the past weeks of the X-factor we have seen the auditions to boot camp where the contestants work hard in order to perfect their skills in singing. And get a deal to perform in a Pepsi commercial and a record deal and awesome prizes.

However, sadly, one of the acts has to go. The show opened up like a Pepsi commercial try to grab us to drink the Pepsi. Were they lip-syncing? One of the singers was out of sync. That person should have used the mike to cover his lip.

Outasight performed “Tonight is the Night” which is the theme of the Pepsi commercial with clips of the late Michael Jackson, and clips of Britney Spears. Dang, Britney Spear is so hot in the commercial. I need my Pepsi.

Apparently, when Simon Cowel made a joke and Paula was drinking her Pepsi. It could have been Pepsi, or some bubbly water. She did a spit-take. Simon Cowel made her laugh – that was funny.

It’s either Steve Jones or the writers for the teleprompter people. They could have done a little better. They should have gotten Brian Dunkleman, the original host of American Idol. He would be perfect, and he was funny when he was paired with Ryan Seacrest. Steve Jones, forgettable, that’s what Simon Cowell would say. I hope they replace Steve Jones during the second seasons of the X-factor.

“Time to get serious” Jones said. He needs a better catch phrase and a memorable phrase, any suggestions for him.

Anyway, time to get serious. It’s getting there, the catch phrase. Here are the acts that they were save last night. In no particular order: Marcus Canty, Drew, LeRoy Bell, Astro, Lakoda Rayne, Rachel Crow, Chris Rene …

Some of my favorites were saved. Yes!

Then the tension builds. I was wondering why he did not call Stacy Francis and Josh Krajcik.

Steve Jones called out Melanie Amaro. Great!

Then Josh Kracik (He’s my favorite).

Leaving the bottom three and they were: InTENsity, the Stereo Hogzz and … Stacy Francis (My second to win). What?

Then Stacy Francis was safe.

Down to two: InTENsity, the Stereo Hogzz. These two groups belong to Paula Abdul, and she did a tremendous job in mentoring. These two groups had to perform a song to stay in the competition.

Stereo Hogz went with Bee Gee classic “Emotions,” and it was good. While InTENsity went with a Kelly Clarkson song “My Life Would Suck Without You” a great mixture of lead and supportive voices in the group, they were fantastic.

Unfortunately, one of them has to go, and it was the judges’ choices. If it becomes a tie, then it would be lowest votes that go home. So InTENsity went home.  Even so, it will spawn new talent with the group. The singers in the group will become successfully. They are inHollywood. Dreams can come true.