Wolfman Jack Day

You may have heard of him during your time, but Wolfman Jack  was not a werewolf, but he was a famous DJ in Perquimans County in North Carolina. His Howling success came in George Lucas “American Graffiti” 1973 as himself, his appearance and voice alone were the star of the movie, and the cast was the new A-list of stars today.

Wolfman Jack was not native of Perquimans County, but he lived here, died here, and he is buried in Belvedere. He died on July 1, 1995. He was 57. The local residents are working to remember his historic national career as a radio announcer by hosting Wolfman Jack Day in 2013. Maybe they will have a marathon of his films be showing. He did 20 films in his career either as an actor and doing voiceover (Cartons characters) with a gravely voice.

According to the Radio Hall of Fame, Robert Weston Smith, the Wolfman real name, debut was “Daddy Jules” on Newport News,VAstation  WYOU-AM. In 1962, he became “Big Smith” for stations  KCIJ Shreveport, La. It was inShreveport  that he drew upon his love of  horror movies and rock and roll to create the raspy voiced, howling persona of “Wolfman Jack”.

In the mid 1960s, the Wolfman crossed the border to Mexico and joined the 250,000 watt powerhouse XERF·AM. Thanks to XERF and later XERB·AM, the Wolfman reached most of the southwestern United States while selling everything from coffins to inspirational literature.

In 1969, the Wolfman returned to America and KDAY/Los Angeles.  The following year; he began an association with Armed Forces Radio that would last until 1986. In 1972, he moved back to his hometown and joined WNBC/New York.

He eventuality moved to Belvidere with this wife in 1989 where he died in 1995 when he retuned home after a tour promoting his book.

His grave remains adjacent to his historic home in Perquimans County.

Raimondi admits he is a blues fan and he enjoyed the music played on the radio by Wolfman Jack as many people did. He loves vintage cars, rock ‘n roll, and still enjoys listening to those songs from that era.

He hopes others who also enjoyed that rock and roll from those early days will be excited about helping formulate plans for next year’s Wolfman Jack Day.

“Whether or not we have it depends on the number of volunteers that get involved” he said.

Ideas tossed around so far include perhaps a vintage car rally musical activities in Hertford andBelvidere; a dance, appearances by Wolfman Jack impersonators, maybe getting it radio stations to participate.

“He (Wolfman Jack) was an American icon,”’ said Raimondi.

Anyone interested in helping plan the events can call 1-252-426-3780, 1-252-562-4562, or 1-252-426-5657.

Mystery of the Museum

Most of the students do not know their history, either they will fall asleep in class, or the teacher wore some crazy costume in class just to spark their imagination. Well, that could be boring or exciting, but a field trip, the students are wide awake.

Students will speculate to what they would see. Are they going camping or see a play out of town? The students will be so exciting to see and go, because the class is boring, especially the teacher why is Mr Blakencooper wearing a uniform in class. Is that the school uniform that most teachers are wearing in class when teaching. Oops, he was wearing the uniform of the Civil War period or is it a caveman outfit.

What the teacher arranged is the class to go the museum in their town. The student will be so excited to go to a museum, to see everything come alive, but that is only in a movie. But there are some museums out there have animatronics of creatures that run around in a theater stage atmosphere.

However, the teacher is taking the class to see the Civil War exhibit in their local museum, in which no goes there. Why? People are complaining the museum is a waste of money, but it’s history of our town. Why do we have ghost walk in town? It educates the history of our town. Without no history, it would be, just a city, with a weird name. The name means something, what’s it background, the history. We all watch Ghost Adventure on the travel channel, the first 15 to 20 minutes they tell us the history of the place. The Civil War, the Gettysburg War and other historically events happened in the town and later they Ghost Adventures team will explore the haunting in the area. What they found is incredible; people who fought on the land many years ago are either still fighting or lost. Probably the ghost wants you to help them to find their way home? We do have some haunting historical location in our town. No one wants to talk about it. They think it will scare people, but it has a history and to preserve it, we have museums.

The museum does have a mystery in our area, and we never knew about it. We can be a history buff and know the history of our town. But what about new information that we don’t know about, then you will intrigue about it. Then we can be smart about it.

So the museum holds valuable information and history that we would never know. So it’s good to know the history of our town.

Plus the museum has a convention hall, and they could hold parties for their guests, like prom. The students can party with a Civil War mannequin. Well don’t do that. Someone has to pay for the damages.

So, please go to the museum and get to know your history. Make a donation too to keep precious materials preserves for a long time.

How to be stay safe on campus

College freshmen are ready to go to their university to get educated and further their career, sometime it can stop abruptly because of campus crime.

Students think since they got a dorm room and wanted to be independent, and they live only 15 miles away from home. It would be cheaper to stay at home.Independence is good, but a home cook meal every night would be good and their comfort and safety in their room.

The crime rate on campus is always undetected in their local newspaper, but it is told through Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.

Being safe on campus is a no brainer, we do have to be very observant in our surrounding area, and if we have a conservation with a classmate and that classmate wanted the student to come and join a sorority, just be careful and look for clues and ask a lot of questions. Look through history at the library to see if it matches.

Remember those days when a teacher would play does those observation games in the class room, one person would randomly leave the room, and the class has to remember what they were wearing.  We do have to remember what people say and what they are wearing. It would help the officers to find the perpetrator and stop them before anything else could happen.

We have to stay on alert on campus; sometime professor would pull a stunt or prank on their students to make them more aware of their surrounding. It may be stupid, but it makes the student to think.

When we go to sleep in the dorm, sometime students may hear someone moaning in the hallways, it could be the professor who is the pulling the prank, but he’s no-where in the dorm. It could have been the wind, but the wind is not blowing that hard to make the noise, then it get’s louder and louder. What could it be? The building and the room is over 50 years old, and no one told the students on campus what happened their many years ago.  Someone died in that room, and it used to be a campus hospital, but it is nicely decorated to look like a dorm room. We don’t know. The students wanted an education, and they don’t pay attention to details. It’s not the dog that ate your homework; it’s the ghost which did your homework – more like a ghost writer. We do have some haunted university out there, and we don’t know about it. Get to know your university first.

Students and their hormones would go crazy. It’s it’s like high school all over again. We see someone attractive, and the student wanted to get to know one of another. However, how well do these students know each other. We can do background check on the internet, sometimes it can help, not very thing is on Facebook and Myspace. Students can have an alias name, and we don’t know about it.  Students may experience new things like they would never do at home but wanted to experience same sex with one another. Is that why they wanted their independence? Alcohol and drugs happen to every campus.

We have to be armed and protect ourselves  from any kind of danger take a self-defense  course. If your residence directory would not allow the students to have any weapons in your room, just get it anyway and keep it quiet. Pepper spray, Tasers and a water gun, it can be useful.

There was one girl who was followed by a stranger, she aimed the gun at the victim and sprayed the victim with pepper spray in her water gun. Smart moved.

I saw the Ghost of Nell Cropsey

It was the night I would not forget. I wasn’t scared. It just shocked me. I did not believe it. I never told the story to anyone. Who would believe me?

Elizabeth City has their annual ghost walk. I like to go there because I like to see people dressed up in costumes and hear their side of the story – the history of Elizabeth City as if they were told by ghost, not the real ghost but the actors portraying the ghost.

The tour bus took me on west main street and I visited the Warren Jennette House.  It was built in 1914 during the Civil War period; it’s a 2 ½ story residence, like a plantation house of the south, like it came out of the Gone With the Wind movie. Another words it was a big house and it looked creepy from a distance. But when I got in, the stair case was the center piece and it was quite beautiful and wide. It had rooms upstairs, the rooms down stairs were quite elegant beside the stairs, like you can hear Rhett Butler and Scarlet O’Hara running in the house. The ghost host mentions the ghost of Warren Jennette haunts one of rooms upstairs. The doors would open and creaking noise of foot steps would appeared at night. Since we had a lot of people in the group. The ghost did not appear. Maybe it was shy to see a lot of people inside his house.

Then the bus tour guide took me to Virgina Dare Arcade, that’s the only tall building in the area of Elizabeth City, NC. It makes the Empire State Building looked taller. Built in 1927, the Virginia Dare Hotel and Arcade encompasses a 9-story brick hotel in the center of the block, a 2-story skylighted arcade, and a 2-story office wing. This Neo-Classical Revival style building features yellow brick veneer, stone, and terra cotta decorative details. Ray S. Jones, Sr. haunts the Virginia Dare Hotel, where he served as manager. So when you stay and you don’t pay your rent. He will scared you out of the building. His son Ray S Jones, JR is in his 80’s and he recently was seen in “Harvey” The Maguire Theater Present, as the cab driver. He was the nicest and patient man to work with it.

The bus tour went to the Pond House on Rivershore road; it passed by Nell Cropsey house because it wasn’t on the tour guide. It should have, that’s the most famous haunted house in Elizabeth City. At the pound house, the house was built in 1941 for William Gassoway Gaiter and his wife Helen (Robinson) Gaither. Surrounding the entire house is a superb dentiled cornice and decorated frieze. This frieze is most apparent at the impressive southwest entrance. The moat near the house was part of Pasquotank River. The owner was a bottle manufacture for Lt. Samuel Waters. Did you know he had monkeys as bodyguards for his house? He used monkeys as pets, but they were better guarding the house instead of being pets. I swear I was eating a banana while the presentation was going on my banana flew out of my hand and landed on the ground –that was weird.

I had to go to the bathroom, since it was cold and dark outside. I snuck out of the group and found a tree where I can fertilized it. I was relived. Relived to see my group on the bus and it left me at the Pond House, which was not good. I ran after my group, but it was too late. It left me. I could stayed and wait for the next bus to come or I could wait. I decided to walk towards the city.

While I was walking I saw a young girl wearing a white shirtless tank top and white sweat pants. I came up to her and being good Samaritan I offered my jacket to her.

“Thanks” she said. “But what about you?”

“I will be okay. I have thick skin to keep me warm,” I said to her. She smile at me and she thought I was funny and it made her laugh. “Can I walk you home?” I asked.

“Sure.”  She had the most beautiful hazel eyes and short light brown hair that reached toward her shoulder.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

“It’s Ellen” she said with a smile and she had the most beautiful smile too. It can melt any men with her smile. It got me and I fell for it.

“What you doing in the night like this?” I asked.

“Watching people visiting these supposedly haunted houses”  Ellen said.

“For me I don’t believe in ghost. It’s the actor who are portraying as ghost and telling their story, that’s the interest part”  I said.

“Me too. And why do they get older actors to portray younger person. It doesn’t make any sense. I am young. I should play N – . Never mind.” Ellen said.

She was interesting and we started to have long conversation. We talked and walk in the cold night air We talked about everything her family and my family. My family history was okay, but her family had a lot of history. I just listen to her. When she talked, her face would glow when she mentioned the name Jim Wilcox. I don’t know him. Sounded like he was her boyfriend, she remembered him and the time spend they spent together. It was vivid for her. She was quite interesting too. She was lonely and she wanted to talk to someone. Probably I was the first. We got along with each other. Then she gazed into my eyes and came closer to me. Her lips came closer to my lips. Then a headlight of a vehicle blinded both us. She stopped and back away from me.

“I am so sorry. I liked you. You are the first guy who would listen to me.” Ellen looked at me when she said this to me I was blushing a little.

“I am,” I was shocked. I met a girl at ghost walk.  “Okay” I said.  She was fallen in love with me. My first girlfriend and we were about to kiss.

She then came closer to me again, her tip of lips touched my lips, and it was cold.  Probably it was the cold air outside. It was quite chilly that night. Then another vehicle flashed the headlights at us and she disappeared.

What? She bailed on me and took my jacket too. I almost had a girlfriend. Then I noticed where I was. I was standing in front of the Cropsey’s house before Ellen disappeared on me. I went up to the house knocked on the door. The door opened a woman in her 40’s appeared.

“I remember you. You came here a year ago for the Ghost Walk last year.” The lady remember.

“Yes I did” What blew my mind away was the painting of Nell Cropsey on the wall in the back, I recognized her. It was the same girl. Same face, different outfit, and she changed her name on me.

“That’s the painting of Nell Cropsey on the wall” The lady said. I was staring at the picture.

“I just had a one night stand with Nell Cropsey” I said and I was still shocked.

“What? She has been dead over a century ago. Wait a minute. You saw the ghost of Nell Cropsey?” The lady was surprised too. The lady sat me down and gave me a drink of water. I was shocked and awe. I told her what happened.

“We were about to kiss and the flash of headlight blinded us and she disappeared with my jacket. There was nothing on the ground or around me.” I said.

“You lost your jacket?” The lady asked.

“Yes I did. It was red coat jacket. Like the one you have on the coat rack over there.” I was surprised to see my jacket. How did it get there?  “ Oh my god. How did it get inside the house” Still I was still surprised.

I was inside Nell Cropsey house. I walked her home. We had a great time together and I almost kissed her. This was too scary.

“Did  she mentioned  who killed her?” Then the lady asked me

“She did mentioned something that she hurt her head in the woods. Because it was too dark to see. She hit her head on a tree on one side and collapse to the ground. The water rose and drifted her to the river. With her emotions she was emotional confused of why Jim did not want to married her, that’s why she ran. She was emotional and ran”  I said.

The lady was shocked  and cried too.  The lady did not identify herself to me, either she was the next generation of the Cropsey family or curious to know what happened. The name was withheld. Why did she talked to me?


That’s the Way it is the Ghosts of Elizabeth City

Talking spirits from the grave, especially it’s the ghost who is telling their stories. Elizabeth City is alive with ghost, not the haunting kind, but the friendly ghost. Sorry Casper, he’s not the only one.

The first stop was The North Carolina Building, if people don’t know the North Carolina on Main Street, it’s the Attorney at Law, William T Davis.  The building was a Wedding Chapel and once they have got married, they could have a hair cut right next

door as their honeymoon.  I wondered how many weddings they performed until 1987. I should have married my high school sweetheart in 1985. Still single, I wonder if they can do it today. I remember the barber shop when I was young. My dad used to take me there when I was small to cut my hair, ever since it was almost 35 years ago. Now today we have hair salons.

Next to my stop was the William J Woodley House, it’s a big house from the outside with many rooms and a big tall roof. Built in 1897 for William James Woodley, the wrap around front porch was built during 1910’s and 1920’s. Great porch for those summer days, just sit back relax and read the newspaper.

Robert Bulliner reminisce about Oxena Newsstand and sandwich shop, he talked about the famous Oxabuger, it was good back then in the early 1980’s, I was there too. The burger was great, it was better than the Big Mac. The Calories was not good, I had to slim down quickly. I had the Richard Simmons exercise video tape, so I quickly lose the pounds.

Next on the walking tour was the Ward – Randolph  House. The Queen Anne style, two story frame house built in 1891 for attorney George Warren Ward  (1862 – 1918)  and his wife  Emma Philson (Greene) Ward (1859 – 1924). Ward was the Superior Court Judge from 1904 – 1911, resigned due to health problems. His widow left the property to Ward’s law partner. In 1942, the house was sold to James Woodson Randolph and his wife Lydia who remained here until 1976.

Lucy Vaughn talked about her days as a Broadway actress. She was married three times. Cussed like a sailor and was the pioneer to bring culture to Elizabeth City and she did. She was great lady. I had the privilege of working with her during one of her production in 1980’s. She didn’t live a glamorous life, even though she was flatted footed she wouldn’t climb up the stairs of the house we were in last night. She lived on the Herrington road. I wondered during her speech I swear I heard her singing in that house. Creepy.

Walter Cronkite visited to Elizabeth City, NC, where he rode out Hurricane Grace in 1999.  It was his stop before he continued his journey to Wilmington. He stopped by and told the most descriptive moment in history when JKF was assassinated on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, TX. He still get’s choked up when telling his story. He was first news anchor to enable to show emotion on screen when describing the death of John F Kennedy. Ever since he retired from CBS evening news, he narrates documentaries for certain news program. He died in August 2009.

So that’s the way it is, October 2, 2010. Good night.