Lake Mead is slowly drying ip

If you haven’t heard Lake Mead is drying up, it’s a reservoir of Hoover Dam and one of the largest constructed lakes in the world on the Arizona-Nevada. It Borders 25 miles east of Las Vegas, Nevada. It was supposed to dam the Colorado River. Instead, Lake Mead extends 115 miles upstream from 1 to 10 miles wide and has a capacity of 31,047,000 acre-feet (38,296,200,000 cubic meters) with 550 miles (885 km) of shoreline and a surface area of 229 square miles (593 square km).

The lake was named after Elwood Mead, commissioner of reclamation (1924-36).

A lot of movies were shot here, such as Superman (1978), Diamonds Are Forever(1971), Transformer (2007), San Andreas (2015), and many others too. 

For the first time since 1941, a reporter reported on the problem caused by the rising waters at Lake Mead in June of 1983. Lake Mead was full, and it caused floods to local businesses around the area. 

There are several sources of Lake Mead’s terrible drought due to rising temperature and climate change. Or it could be something else. (I don’t know). Small circles near the lake indicate that the water is going down and being drained. It’s like the National Geographic show Drain the Ocean, but like Drain the Lake, it reveals much of what was in the lake. There are barrels, and recently they found a dead body from 1971 (it is not D.B. Cooper)  and other artifacts. Boats too. 

It is terrible to see Lake Mead like this, and Hoover Dam is closed permanently. No Visitor is allowed. 

Probably in the next few months, it will dry up. Or probably we will have a bad storm in the Lake Mead area in the future. 

So if you are planning to take a trip here, it will be closed when you get here. 

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Lake Mead Marina Update.. Hoover Dam Closed

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