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Is there a heavenly hand helping Ukrainians against their Russian invaders?

Stories of divine intervention that sound a lot like notes from the Bible are being told, including a pillar of fire at night and confusion among Russian troops.

In this week’s episode of CBN News The Global Lane, CBN Ukraine Director Kostyantine Lytvynenko explains that although his fellow countrymen are showing incredible strength and resiliency in the war with Russia, they’re also experiencing some divine intervention.

Lytvynenko said one man shared with him a story of his son who’s serving in the Ukrainian army.

He said the man told him on one dark night, the soldiers were holding their positions and discovered there were a lot of Russian Federation tanks and other mobile units coming directly at them.

“He said, ‘Dad, you have to pray right now. We’re in a situation,'” Lytvynenko said.

So the father called other members of their church and asked them to start praying.

“He said, ‘There’s some miracle that happened. It looked like an attack from a spaceship. There was some kind of lightning shooting from the sky,'” Lytvynenko told CBN News.

In the morning, they discovered the Russian tanks and other mobile units had been destroyed.

“All of those soldiers thought maybe it was done by some kind of a weapon we didn’t know about,” Lytvynenko said.

Lytvynenko also relayed another incident he heard from a friend.

He says the friend told him, “‘We were praying that they would start resisting each other.

Lytvynenko says what happened next reminds him of several similar incidents that were recorded in the Bible.

“Another part of the Russian army, they occupied one little town. And they removed flags from the town’s government buildings and they attached those flags to their tanks,” he said.

Lytvynenko said both groups of tanks were confused and thought they were looking at the enemy.

“They started shooting into each other,” he said.

CBN News asked Lytvynenko how people should pray for his family, other CBN workers there, and the people of Ukraine.

“Pray that we would be active members of the body of Christ at this time,” Lytvynenko added.


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