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Lexington and Cincinnati is a historic stagecoach stop and tavern with a tragic past. In Walton, Kentucky, the Abner Gaines House, 150 Old Nicholson Road, is a 19th-century tavern built around 1814 that has been through more than its fair share of tragedy.

The two-story brick building is known locally as “The Kentucky Horror House,” a result of many murders, suicides, and natural deaths that have taken place in and around it. Today, some believe the distressed souls of the dead have not left. 

“Ghosts of Gaines Tavern,” a new episode of “Ghost Hunters” airing on Discovery+ this weekend, explores the traumatic history of the Kentucky tavern.

It is said that the building is filled with the restless spirits of the victims of past tragedies. Paranormal investigators from the show spent several days and nights in the building.

“Walton is preparing to reopen the building to the public,” Ghost Hunters’ lead investigator Steve Gonsalves told the Courier-Journal. First, however, the mayor wanted to ensure that remnant of the tavern’s past does not resurface as dangerous entities.” 

With the help of state-of-the-art technology, “Ghost Hunters,” Jason Hawes, Steve Gonsalves, Dave Tango, and Shari DeBenedetti learn the stories behind the chilling cases and investigate the paranormal activity reported at Gaines Tavern.

“It’s unfortunate to think of all the tragedy that has occurred here,” Gonsalves said. “We had some incredible encounters, including one during a lengthy lightning storm, which shook Jason while we were investigating.”

Episode five of “Ghost Hunters” will focus on the ghosts of Gaines Tavern. The series has moved over from the SyFy Channel to Discovery+. Meat Loaf will make his final TV appearance in an episode featuring the singer and performer during the new season. 

“He was a big fan of the show and enjoyed investigating the paranormal on his own and with our team,” Gonsalves said. “He was a wonderful human, and we enjoyed having him join us from time to time on the show.” 

Gonsalves told The Courier-Journal that Meat Loaf’s daughter texted him after her father’s death to express how much he enjoyed chasing ghosts with “Ghost Hunters.” So, according to her, it seemed fitting that this would be her father’s final appearance on television.      

Meat Loaf, who died on Jan. 20 at the age of 74, will appear in the Feb. 12 episode “The Haunted House on the Hill,” set in a Tennessee farmhouse. For decades, the house has been plagued by rumors of horrific behavior, but the new owners want to reassure the community that their home is not haunted.

Meat Loaf previously teamed up with the “Ghost Hunters” crew to investigate a ghostly private island near Thousand Islands, New York, for a special episode titled “Bat Out of Hell.”

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