Bad Food from the 1970s

What would you do if you found food dating back to the 1970s? Would you eat it?

 A Tik-Toker by the name of @madamquasar was cleaning out her grandparent’s freezer and discover gold. Not literary gold. It was cold, freezing food dating back to the 1970s and the 1990s. When she defrosted the items, they didn’t taste good at all, and the smell was a little bit pungent. Let’s see what she found. 

She found Blackberries from 1972 for dinner. Eggs yolks from 1998. More blackberries in 1983. And Blueberries from the 1970s. The berries look wrinkly, and they are small, like they came from a small animal. Oops, one move. That’s not good. 

With the blue and blackberries, their grandparents could have lived a little longer. Maybe not. Food poisoning? I don’t know. 

Most of the items were in containers with masking tape. And it was labeled with the month and year on top of the lid. Not a clever way to preserve food. 

Butter from 1992. Ham broth with seasoning from 1993. 

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Applesauce from 1999. Raspberries don’t know what year, but that wasn’t going good too. And Hy-Vee Cottage Cheese. Ug! Can cottage cheese age? Maybe not. 

The strawberries weren’t good either, and it looked like it had been fermenting since 1984, and the colors were fading out. The taste. No. Who would eat that?

What’s in your refrigerator that is still there? That you haven’t opened yet? Is it still good?