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If you have been watching American Horror Story (FX), you will know this season is called “Red Tide” and is about Vampirism. Is Vampirism real? There are few cases of Vampirism in which they don’t bite people but drain their blood into a syringe and pour it into a glass and drink it either as tea or wine. So red wine tastes like blood? Of course, but for American Horror Story, it takes it into another twist. 

In American Horror Story: Red Tide. Harry Gardner, a screenwriter, and his family moved to Cape Cod’s Provincetown for the winter. Doris, pregnant, and their young daughter Alma who is a violinist. She hopes to cure writer’s block for Harry. Despite what to write for a TV series. Harry draws a blank screen on his laptop. He can’t think of what to write. And the daughter, who plays the violinist in the adjoining room, is trying to help her dad and herself. They say that listening to a violinist player can help and bring out the creativity in you. But that does not happen to Harry and Alma, who are both creative people. Neither of them can think of what to write for a TV series, and the daughter is having trouble playing the violin.  

The mother and wife think both of them are talented, and they need to take a break. Doris takes the daughter to the grocery while Harry goes to the hardware store to get some supplies for the house. Harry finds out the residents in the area have a dark past. Talented people who come to get inspiration have turned into a pale creature that looks like vampires roaming in the daytime. At the same time, the mother and daughter were being chased by some pale like vampire zombies across the town. 

The Chemists in town have tried to help talented people by giving them a pill that would provide inspiration and goals that they needed. Unfortunately, the side effects of the medications turned people into vampires and craved for blood to suck on. When a non-talented person takes the pill, they become pale and lose their hair, cognitive abilities, and a quench for blood. 

Since Harry and Alma have taken the black pills for creativity, they have become neck-biting vampires. Unfortunately, they will face similar repercussions and tragedy during the season of American Horror Story: Red Tide. 

In a typical fashion of American Horror Story: Red Tide, it is based on Antone Charles “Tony” Costa, a serial killer in and around the Massachusetts town of Truro. He was a carpenter and marijuana farmer. In 1969, Costa was suspected of killing women in Massachusetts while being high on Pot, LSD, and Dilaudid. The bodies were cut up and washed ashore at the beach, just like in the scene in American Horror Story. 

Antone Charles “Tony” Costa

In 1974, Costa died in prison by Suicide. He was convicted to life in prison for killing eight women, and two were murdered. In one scene in AHS, Alma was feeding on a rabbit near the cemetery; is it possible he was buried in an unmarked grave in Provincetown?

If you are a fan of American Horror Story on FX, you will know Ryan Murphy is writing, producing, directing, and Emmy nominated. His shows are quite intriguing to watch. I did not know that we had so many serial killers in the past until I recently watched these shows. They were mentioned on Unsolved Mysteries (1987, TV series, NBC, and now Netflix). I was a teenager back then and did not care. But now. It’s intriguing. 

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