Mitchel Lewis Dormitory

At Elizabeth City State University in Mitchel Lewis Dormitory, a murder happened in 1984.

It was Sharon Jones. It was a bloody murder in the spring of 1984. Sharon Jones was found dead with a white belt wrapped around her neck and tied to the bed’s frame. She was naked and faced down on the floor. Beaten and strangled to death with a dumbbell found next to the body. Her boyfriend committed the crime, and he went missing. They never found him, and it was a cold case file.

Now she haunts the hall of Mitchel Lewis Dormitory. Students can hear her scream in the locked room or if the room is locked. Is someone staying in her room tonight? Watch out. You might hear her scream in horror or walk outside Mitchel Lewis Dormitory’s halls.

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What’s that behind you?

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The Unsolved Murder of Sharon Jones