Hobits 2Many people though the Cannibal in the Jungle is a fake story by Animal Planet,  it is based on an article in Nature magazine in 2002.

Animal Planet stumped us that we cannot find anything on the internet especially the names of the characters, which was clever. And we have to find the source by going to the library to investigate it, They got us.

Group 3Here’s the pitch of the story: Dr. Timothy Darrow, an American Scientist, was convicted of killing and cannibalizing of two of his colleagues in the jungles of Flores, Indonesia in 1977. He went there to investigate a rare bird that was believed to be extinct. He needed proof of its extinction. Since it was 1977, he had a Super 8 camera, a sound guy, and a tour guide. What he got some was something extraordinary an ape-like creature of a hobbit. Caught on camera. That’s the story.

Hobbit  1

The director of the documentary film, Simon George is an Emmy winner. He did a piece for Paranormal Witness, The Plane in the Hudson River, World War 2 From Space, and Cannibal in the Jungle.

Simon George took this subject matter about the Hobbit creature and created an epic characterization and the story line. Making us believe it was real. The creature was real because it was dated back 18,000 years ago and they found bone structure in the Indonesia cave in the jungle area.

He just cannot do a documentary of the Hobbit creature itself, it will be boring. So he made a documentary film, what if these creatures were cannibalism and possible one of them live until this day, then it would be interesting. A three-foot human size creature and they like to eat people.

Also, the actors who portray scientist and political leaders, they were also convincing. The cinematographic of the movie was also great capturing the hobbit creature as a Bigfoot creature. Shaking cameras movement. And the narration and interview by Dr. Timothy Darrow while he was in prison. He was telling the story, very convincing. Maybe the director will get another Emmy nominations for this film.

I hope Animal Planet does another creature feature documentary-style film to make us believe based on actual events. Please don’t do a bigfoot or Loch Ness monster movie. We know these two are fakes.


Simon George


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