Watch True Blood on HBO Sundays @ 9pmIt’s been a year since True Blood and a year for Sookie Stackhouse moving forward in her life, and she did it within two weeks and into the future. She was in Fairy’s land when this happened in the last episode and came back with her granddaddy (Gary Cole).

Love really bites when two vampires fall for Sookie, Eric bought Sookie’s house and claims he’s the only one who didn’t give up hope on her. Bill has been named the Vampire King ofLouisianaand has under his employ a Wiccan named Daisy. This is not good. Vampires and witches?

Jess and Hoyt are living in “domestic bliss.” It cannot be easy for them as a couple, but we’re so glad to see them making a go of it. Can vampires cook for their mortal human boyfriend? She should have taken Rachel Ray cooking class. Have Rachel Ray to make a guest appearance, and Jessica can bite her, and she can inherit her blood to cook a decent meal for her man.

Jesus and Lafayette are still going strong, though Jesus keeps pushingLafayetteto explore his magical powers and to join a coven. There are both warlocks, male witches,  this show has more supernatural stuff than regular dramas.

Jason Stackhouse is a full-on sheriff’s deputy and Sheriff Andy is hooked on V. That should go well. In addition, Andy’s sister is a new supporting character, played by “Dexter” alum Courtney Ford. We aren’t sure being Andy’s sister is a step-up from being a serial killer’s daughter, but we’re excited to see the actress in Bon Temps.

Tarahas left Bon Temps and heterosexuality behind. She is now a super-sexy, ripped cage fighter inNew Orleanswith a girlfriend, which is fun and something we hope they explore. What a spider bit her to have a super strength? Oh yeah a vampire bit her and she has his blood and now his strength too. She can be a vampire wonder woman.

Arlene and Terry are raising little Mikey, who Arlene is just convinced is evil. Thankfully, Terry is there to counteract her craziness. Pulling heads out of a Barbie doll, that’s not babies do. But how she got her baby out? Did she scream? A lot going within a year?

Sam has found some new friends who are shape-shifters and are helping him with his anger issues. Stop horsing around!

His brother Tommy, in the wake of being shot, is now apparently living the straight and narrow and hanging out with … Hoyt’s mom? They should killed him off and let him lived in a veterinarian hospital, poor dog… Hoyt’s mom, for real? Let a wild bear take care of him, he’s annoying.

And finally, there are some witches in town. Fiona Shaw is the leader of a local coven, which both Daisy and Jesus belong to and which Jesus is pushingLafayetteto join. WithLafayette’s power, the coven manages to bring a dead bird back to life. Even though it is only for a few minutes, having power over a dead creature may give the vampires some life after being dead, they are already dead.

True Blood on HBO Sundays at 9pm and encores through the week.