Today is Valentine’s Day. Would you believe we had snow a few days ago in my town right before Valentine’s Day?  There was no school because we had 2 to 4 inches of snow on the ground, the superintendent thought the roads would be too icy to drive; apparently, it was not that bad. It was still drivable on the road. I don’t care. I don’t have any children, which makes it easier for me.  However, I did see a child playing in the snow. I wonder what she was making. A heart shape snowman in the snow, apparently the child was drawing a heart shape sign and wrote “I love you” in the snow. Later it will disappear.

Sometime I do celebrate Valentine’s Day. I would send Valentine flowers to my self at my work place. Women at work would see the flowers being escorted to me by a sales person. The women in the workplace would think I have a girlfriend. Well I am single. And I don’t want anyone think I have a girlfriend.  I don’t want women in the office to flaunt over me just because I am single and good looking than those muscular men in the office. I always get kicked in the sand. The women in the office have either boyfriends or someone else.

Valentine is a celebration of love. Not lovemaking, then nine months later there’s a child. Having a child born in October is not a good idea.  Then you would have two celebrations. Halloween and birthday, just combine together and celebrate only one day. Getting candy can be fattening.

I still think Valentines Day is a favorite Holiday of all. People will buy cards and eat chocolate and gained a few pounds or too. But we have to work on that day, it’s not a holiday that you can have a day off and not showed up for work.  Not a good idea to go to the beach that day, it may be cold.

Did you know Valentine started in ancient Roman, this was known as the Feast of Lupercalia. They paid an honor to the Roman God of fertility – I see why.

Also, did you know 85% of women purchase chocolate all year long, during the days and minutes before Valentine’s Day. Men too buy chocolate, not for the spouse, but for them, they get hungry.

So Happy Valentine day to everyone and the single people too.