When we were born, we are supposedly to be born under our zodiac sign, under that month. But what if we did not born under our zodiac sign, someone is lying – our parents or the zodiac people who created the zodiac.  Actually, it predates in the Christian era. The ancient Egyptians and the ancient Greeks got it from the Babylonians who set up the astrological charts thousands of years before Christ. If they dropped the tablet,  broken it into tiny of pieces,  they put it together, were the pieces right when they put it together. I don’t know. Or the gods were thinking “I think it goes here” that’s a mishap in the zodiac signs!

For an example, if I was born in May and the new zodiac says I was born in June, so I would be a Gemini not a Taurus. Then I would have a split personality of the Gemini Twins one good and one bad, a split personality, I always have that. Or an Aries, the ram. Taurus the bull and Aries the ram both have horns so I am good here. How about Sagittarius and Capricorn? A bad month to be born is Cancer! Maybe a good month if the new calendar suggested you to be  Leo the Lion. Awkward.

Anyway, it’s a misinformation, the new month would be Ophiuchus. If we did have this month, what holidays would we have? Can we remember how to spell it?  I am taking the day off, because it’s Ophiuchus, that’s good excuse to get out of the office.

I don’t like to read Horoscope, because its too terrify to read.