Hannah Forever the Final Episode

As you may know by now, it’s the final episode of Hannah Montana Forever, she had to make a decision either to make a movie in Paris or go to college with her Best Friend Forever, Lilly. My decision for her is to make a movie,  she can make a lot of money to do a movie, instead of going to college, of course an education  is good, but what’s she going to major?  How about the film industry she can learn more about the business.  I know it’s a TV show.

But it sends a message to teens. Once you graduate from high school where you going to go? We all have to make choices in life and be responsible for our actions. We have to be independent thinkers and look at things in a different ways. We have to know what is right and wrong. How do we perceive in looking at people and judging them in a good way. Have an intelligent conservation with a little bit of humor. Being serious can be really bored, but that’s how we think. We are serious in a professional way and that’s how we think.

Watching a situation comedy on the TV and see boring characters make us laugh at our self. What would your life be if it was a comedy? How you would you see yourself in practical situations?

I know I am going off topic here, but characters on TV make us want to believe in what the actors are portraying. It’s called acting and the character is telling their story.  If we can bring some character out of us into the real world, we would be interested.

Hannah Montana started out in the Spring of 2006 and ended in January 2011 on the Disney Channel. She’s 18 now and she turning into an adult soon. She revealed herself from being Hannah Montana to Miley Steward. She can’t be Hannah Montana in her 40’s, that would be ridiculous. It’s time to move on, move forward, and in life. And she did. Can’t wait to see what Miley Cyrus has in store for her fans. Movies and CD’s for Miley Cyrus?  Possible.


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