Paula Abdul is back with Live to Dance on CBS

Paula Abdul is back on TV with a new hit reality program Live to Dance, based on the hit British series Got to Dance and people were dancing. The judges are Travis Payne who choreography Michael Jackson’s This is it and his dance moves in the film concert was absolutely fantastic, I have a copy, is fantastic. And Kimberly Wyatt, another Pussycat Dolls is doing the judging. She hosted the British version too. A Simon Cowell wanna be perhaps? I think the British people have that tight upper lip when judging people and they wanted that flair of the language when judging like Simon Cowell would do when judging on American Idol.

Anyway, it looked like the show maybe a hit for CBS. Will it compete against with Fox’s American Idol when it comes back on air January 19, 2011? We have to find out.

They have a travelling dome to audition under, which is good. It looked small on TV, but when the contestants performed on stage it looks big. Or is it small. Can’t even tell.

Here are some highlights of the contestants who performed on stage tonight.

Bev and Hap, the 83- and 68-year-old who were so adorable we nearly puked. First they dance to Moon River and then hip hop moves. The dancing grannies were great. For stretching, she would do the dishes with one leg up on the counter. Quite a balance.  She can do a cartwheel? And push up? Go grannie!

Jill and Jacob, teenage best friends from Los Angeles, were introduced to the sweet notes of “Always Remember” by Ry Cuming. Their dance was poetic in motion.  “Our relationship is very confusing. We’re best friends but there’s a little bit of history,” Jacob explained. He was dancing on the street in Venice when he was offered a scholarship to her studio and it was love at first sight. Platonic relationship and then so.  They were cute together. They made it.

Then they were some weird characters, one of them performed Paula Abdul song, “Forever Your Girl”, who succeeded in bring Paula to tears. He didn’t go through. He did give her roses, but it was thrown back to him. Paula gave him a hug, but the song was dedicated to her dad who was sitting in the audience.

The Single lady Remixes, the quartet of little girls were the controversy few months ago when they performed Beyonce Single lady song and dance provocatively and cause an internet uproar by their dance moves. They should have seen this coming, dancing to Justin Bieber’s Baby, Baby, Baby. To young to dance and they weren’t cohesion as a group and they were babies.

The Solid Gold dancers from the 1980’s, they were Beyond Gold. But they danced really good. Paula was a fan of the show when growing up, but Travis buzzed them, since he was fan to them and knew their dance move. Travis had a heart of gold and gave them a second chance to dance. I hope the ladies will bring back the gold.

Kendal Glover, great performer but she will be liked and great charisma when dancing. She will definite go far and she is a breath of fresh air to watch.  When the voting lines are opened put her through the top.

Long Island soccer mom Peaches had her robot routine rejected and mockingly declared that “skinny girl is a hater, hello” about Kim. The comment was laughed off and Paula sent Peaches on her way with a compliment about her comedic skills. Maybe she could be a comedienne in Hollywood she is there for a reason and be recognized.

There was also pain in NYC, when one dancer landed on her head and had a welt the size of Staten Island pop out. Ouch. She didn’t felt it. It looked like she was used to it.

I was impressed with C-Bunny, a hearing-impaired dancer who used dance to communicate. She was a good dancer, but only Paula gave her gold. Kimberly and Trevor expected more technique; considering her story, C-Bunny deserved to be put through. Her moves were great.

Twitch, a group from Miami, were all girls and one guy. It was good. Kim was ecstatic. Paula recognized the guy could be the star. Eight girls and one guy and all the girls have a crush on him. I should be a dancer too.

A group called Shore Thing from Cap May, presented a macabre, zombie show with costume and make up. They dance to Michael Jackson song and got three stars.  It gave Trevor a chance to mention his connection to Michael Jackson. Plus the bigger is better.

Chi-Town finest danced to Paula Abdul song “Dance like no tomorrow” and they were great.

Roosevelt Anderson made the cut with ease. He had a double-jointed style like a contortionist, with his pop n’ lock.

D’Angelo and Amanda audition for Live to Dance. They did a ballroom dance and they were amazing! Kimberly Wyatt said they were “born to win”. Will they win? I think they might. They were so awesome tonight.

Also this was such an amazing show. I am so happy to see Paula Abdul back on TV. She is really the heart of Reality TV. Seeing her on the screen warms my soul and everything is just feels right. We love you Paula!


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