Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows

If you haven’t seen it and every child has seen it, including your toddler. The Harry Potter franchise series has made over a billion dollars in sales at the movie theater. This is the seventh film in the making, plus in two parts. Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows part one opened in November 2010 and the second will opened in July 2011. Here’s a tip stay in line until in July 2011. You don’t have too.

The other Harry Potter movies has joined Stars Wars Episodes 4  – New hope (1977) in the group. Will it surpass Avatar (2009) in gross sales? With the magic of the wand, it will pass and it is in the Guinness Book of Records for the best and successful film franchise.

We’ve watched Harry and his friends grow up. For many kids, they grew up right along with him reading the books and watching the movies. In the beginning, he was a young, timid wizard, unsure of his abilities. Over the years, he found more confidence while realizing his special gift of wizardry. He even becomes interested in girls. Even more important, he discovered out who his parents were, and began to understand his destiny. His fate is connected to events that will decide the future of all wizards.

This time, the Deathly Hallows pits Harry against Lord Voldemort and his quest to possess death. And, this time its war. The slow progression to this point in the story has been smartly matched with the maturity of the Harry Potter fans. The Potter movies have become progressively darker, deeper, and more fitting to the fans that started reading the books almost a decade before.

With die hard fans of the movie, people would wrap around the building in the cold to see the movie. Teenagers and adults fans would watch it again and again, more like repeat business for the theater, there goes our economy.  I would wait for the DVD and the extras that would come along with it. Merchandise of the movie makes the most sales and even a TV show of the movie on the Disney Channel “Wizards of Waverly  Place” Did know there was a sex orgy in the last film?


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