Hurrah for Hurrah Players

The Hurrah Players had just come to Elizabeth City, NC and performed their smashed version High School Musical 2 on stage. We can hum along with the music, tap your toes to the catchy rhythm beat of the music or sing along with the music, but please keep it down, because the other patrons wanted to see the play too. We love musicals and Hurrah Players did a fantastic performance. If you haven’t seen the play, but watched the DVDs collection of all the High School Musicals, they are both good. The movie version and the stage version is a must see play to see it again.

Hurrah is a non-profit organization “dedicated to providing the finest dramatic production in the community,” states the group’s literature. And the productions are fine; so fine, in fact, that the theater company is invited year after year. The wonderful talented group of people performed at various locations including Disney World, Pearl Harbor in Hawaii and overseas in London. And aside from seven full stage productions each year, many of Hurrah! performers are involved in other, smaller venues.

Each year nearly 500 children attend Hurrah’s regular classes and about 200 more attend the group’s summer theater camps.

If you love acting and musicals and want to join the  Hurrah Players contact 757- 627-5437 or click to get more details for there summer theater camps. Register now and make your dream come true. See your name in lights, and be on the Walt Disney Pictures. It takes dedication to be a star.

Arts of the Albemarle’s Center Players program is modeled after the successful Hurrah! program.


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