President Obama Speech to Children

The President Obama made his speech yesterday and it was a very good, inspiration speech. I bet half of the American children saw the speech, because it was the first day school and you could not pull your child out of school, if you did – the parents will get an automatic detention and you will have to knit a sweater at the end of the year.

I don’t know why parents don’t want their child to listen to Obama speech. If they think learning is more important to them, than listening to President Obama speaking, it’s a learning process. The school score is down and President Obama wants to raise their score some more, and give the school a big stimulus check for doing their hard work, for example computers needed to be upgraded for the latest software for learning.

I think most parents are not educated, their son or daughter goes to school and they think their child is doing great. Some people don’t care and don’t bother to listen what Obama has to say to their child.

Ronald Regan spoke to children and so did George Bush Sr., but it was broadcast in the evening where the child have to go sleep earlier to enable to get up earlier to go to school and fall asleep in class.

Since we are in the technology age, internet, facebook, twitter, and webpages. You can do your own research to find out what is going on. I was CURIOUS to know what will Obama would be saying to the students. His speech was inspiring to read. Children need inspiration. If you cannot inspire your child to do well, that child will turn to the Dark Side. What I mean by the Dark Side is doing drugs, killing people, RAPING and stealing. You don’t want your child to do this. Please do not enlist your child into the army, navy, or marines, they will be killed in the line of battle – no one is bulletproof.

They have a future. If you child wants to be something, support your child. Find the ins and out of the business and be careful who you trust.


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