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American Got Talent: The Results Show

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Results from American Got Talent season 9 live shows, incased you missed it, because you were watching Sharknado: The Second One, it was funny and good to watch.

Anyway, Emily West beat out to Jasmine Flower, Valo and Bobby. The Fan and umbrella act and a balancing act of Valo and Bobby while Valo rides a bike over bobby’s head, that’s a dangerous act. I am glad people decided not to vote for them.

In California when they were auditioning potential contestants for the show, Mel B, Heidi Clum, and Howard Stern were waiting for Howie Mandel to pick them up to go to work. Howie Mandel picked them up in a Starline Bus Tour of Hollywood and took the judges to see his star on the Walk of Fame and the bus left Howie stranded there.

Dan Naturman beat out to The Willis Clan and Sean and Luke. The Willis Clan performed the “Power of Love”, also it was the 29th anniversary of Back of the Future, their performance was good. Sean and Luke tap dancers tap their way to the top, but end up tapping out.

Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie announced three acts that they audition for Today’s Got Talent by YouTube and they were the Domino kids, Rube Goldberg, and Cornell Bhangra. The winner for this was the Punjabi dance group Cornell Bhangra, they will performed in the upcoming weeks of the show.

Miguel Dakota beat out to Julia Goodwin and JD Anderson. What the singer and strongman, got outnumbered? How are they grouping these people according to the number of votes? Julia sang great and looked absolutely gorgeous in a red dress. Maybe Julia did sing at the wrong place but in the right place. I hope Broadway is listening and give her chance to shine and make dream come to true as a Broadway performer.

Remember you have to vote for your favorite, if you want to keep them to win American Got Talent 2014.

Enrique Iglesias and Sean Paul sang “Bailando” it was a catchy and upbeat performance; Enrique was all over the stage singing the song.

David and Leeman were the first semi-finals to stay while Baila Conmigo and Flight Crew Jump Rope team waits for the judge’s decision.

Baila Conmigo and Flight Crew Jump Rope are next and the judges had to make a decision of whom to put through. Sometime the judges likes to ramble on and on, of who they like to win while Nick Cannon and it’s plaid suit and his turtle neck had their own show. What? When it comes to the final second of the show we missed what who won this round, at the end Baila Conmigo won this round.

American Got Talent: Judgement Day

Nick Cannon

If you missed last night America Got Talent, it’s was tough day or week for the judges, they have to decide who will go to the live show next week and let the audience decided whom they want to be crowned as America Got Talent winner.

In the kid’s variety, we have 9-year-old whiz kid and piano player Adrian Romoff, where he’s smart going to college and plays beautiful on the piano.

In the music groups, was the tough one for judges because most of the band contestants want to play their own original music. Beach Avenue, Kieran and Finian Makepeace decided to perform original music with mixed review, but they got a slot in Radio City.

The band group of Jonah Smith did qualified as music group because he perform an Eric Clapton song “Can’t Find My Way Home” his drummer quit on a last minute so he got a new drummer that he knew and he was great.

Come on band groups stick to the rules original music is good, but if you want to perform at Radio City Music Hall perform a good cover song and get on the show.

A family act of 12 members, Willis clan performed “Fireflies” by Owl City, it looks like they will go to Radio City Music Hall too.

The disappointed was the bow-and-arrow master Bob Markworth missed both of his targets. Then, Mudslinger the pig, couldn’t add three and two (pig brain – not that smart, they prefer the mud). The Dustin Dojo, didn’t do anything to convince the judges (pig brain – not that smart, they prefer the mud).

For the male singers, Frank Dimitri, Sal Gonvalez and Justin Rhodes all delivered forgettable performances and were sent home. Of the three, Rhodes was probably the most controversial elimination and Jaycob Curlee, who the judges ultimately sent through.

For the dance groups the standouts were Baila Conmigo, a group of rapid salsa dancers, one mistake from the dance group could devastated the group, either they will keep her or let her go. The Jasmine Flowers dance group made it through despite their use of the fans.

For the acrobats, the Xpogo stunt team attempted to take their act to the next level by lighting their pogo sticks on fire only to see the fire go out. And acrobatic couple Richard and Ashlee had a brief brush with disaster when Richard almost dropped Ashlee, but safely to the floor.

Here are the top acts that went through

1. Dance act Blue Journey

2. Magicians David and Leeman

3. Acrobat Jonatan Riquelme

4. Comedian Dan Naturman

5. The Hart Dance Team

6. Card-throwing triplets Dom the Bom’s Triple Threat

7. Rock ‘n’ roll cellists Emil and Dariel

8. Singing group Acte II

9. Singer Mara Justine

10. Salsa dancers John and Andrew

11. Singer Paul Ieti

12. Salsa dance group Baila Conmigo

13. Singer Miguel Dakota

14. Singer Jaycob Curlee

15. Singer Julia Goodwin

16. Singer Quintavious Johnson

17. Piano player Adrian Romoff

18. Wild West performer Loop Rawlins

19. Strongman J.D. Anderson

20. Rollerblade dancer Juan Carlos

21. Acrobat Christian Stoinev

22. Flight Crew JumpRope

23. Music group the Willis clan

24. Comedian Darik Santos

25. Comedian Wendy Liebman

26. Magician Mat Franco

27. Dance group Jasmine Flowers

28. Dance group Dragon House “The Agents”

29. Tap dancers Sean and Luke

30. Singer Kelli Glover

31. Singer Emily West

32. Singer Anna Clendening

33. Music group Sons of Serendip

34. Singers Kieran and Finian Makepeace

35. Acoustic trio Livy, Matt and Sammy

36. Acrobat group AcroArmy

37. Mystifier Mike Super

38. Singer Jonah Smith

39. Aerialists Valo & Bobby

40. Aerial Animation

41. Hand balancer Andrey Moraru

42. One Voice Children’s Choir

43. Dance group Bad Boys of Ballet

44. Mothmen Dance

45. Magician Smoothini

46. Contortionist Nina Burri

47. Extreme Dance Company

America Got Talent: Boot Camp!!

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I have been watching America’s Got Talent in the beginning of May 2014 when it started. The contestants have to audition in front of a live studio audience and with the judges. If the judges and the studio audiences like the acts, they will go on to the callbacks or boot camp.

The First category was magic, Magic. Mike Super and Desmond, the invisible assistant, and spirit energy partner performed first. They had a volunteer which was Howie Mandel he performed with two blank chalkboards. How did he know that Howie was thinking of Steve? How did he get the sum of 23 by using the number of the zodiac, that Nick Cannon provided. Even Howie was shocked and amazed by his performances. Supernatural magic is part of an illusion.

Mat Franco, performed card tricks with Mel B and had a picture of Howie Mandel to reveal her card, that was great.

The judges were impressed by the card tricks but the tricks were small. Psycho Jack was eliminated because his act of splitting woman was slow and had difficulty getting the blades inside the box. Magic supposed to be quick and big presentation. The only revealing magic was his mask when reveal himself when we walk away and disappeared.

Next was dancing, tap dancers Sean and Luke who appropriately danced to “New York, New York.” While John and Andrew did a flawless salsa dance and were asked to be performed for the live show at Radio City Music Hall.

After that was the kid singers, “Wow, I thought this was going to be easy,” said judge Heidi Klum at the beginning of the kid singers category, she had done this before. Anyway, Jersey girl Mara Justine provided the judges with the easiest decision of the night. After the 11-year-old from Galloway belted out Whitney Houston’s “I have nothing,” the judges brought her back on stage immediately and unanimously sent her through, she’s my favorite. Grace Ann Gregorio, an 11-year-old opera singer, the energetic 12-year-old Quintavious Johnson and 15-year-old Julia Goodwin, who was accompanied by her father on piano, all gave fantastic performances and difficult decision for the judges to decide.

In the comedy, it’s difficult to perform in front of 4 judges when you had millions of people. Darik Santos, a 26-year-old security guard, was nervous when he performed his comedy. He was a little nervous but he was funny.

It was painful to see Jersey guy Joe Matarese struggle. Matarese, a veteran stand-up comedian, was hilarious in his original audition but struggled with his set this time around and got absolutely no laughs from the judges. It look like he wanted out and go back to stand up and work the clubs.

In the Variety, first up was 93-year-old Mighty Atom Jr. who pulls heavy objects with his teeth. This time around, he successfully pulled a truck with the judges and his brother inside across the stage using his teeth. Eventually the EMTs gave him a checkup, after he was done and guess what he’s still alive and he has a good dental insurance.

JD Anderson, 26, ripped up phone books and bent two frying pans with his hands. For his act’s finale, he ran through 15 feet of ice headfirst and he was bleeding in the back of his head. He could have used an ice pack to stop the bleeding.

Juan Carlos, a rollerblade dancer who for reasons unknown to me actually made it this far in the competition. Other acts in this category were yo-yo performer John Narum and Wild West performer Loop Rawlins.

In the Female singers, this category featured several solid performances but I’m partial to Jersey girl Kelli Glover who belted out “Warrior” by Demi Lovato. The 31-year-old waitress made it to Judgment Week last year before being cut so let’s hope she fares better this time around.

Emily West and 20-year-old Carly Jo Jackson who sang Goyte’s “Somebody I Used to Know.” Rounding out the group was Anna Clendening, my favorite, who had a nervous breakdown and fled the stage before pulling herself together enough to give a brilliant performance of “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons.

Aliens On the Moon

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Do you know it’s the 45 anniversary of men landing on the moon, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were among the crew on Apollo 11 on July 20, 1969. Ending with Gene Ceran and Jack Schmitt on Apollo 17 on December 14, 1972. However, other crew went back to visit the moon again with a secret mission that we did not know and what they found was quite strange and unusually.

Their mission was to put man on the moon, the real mission was what they found on the moon and bring any evidence –especially, the dark side of the moon.

Did you know that Buzz Aldrin saw an UFO and it was following him and his crew to the moon for three days? It did. Probably got lost and wanted to directions to Pluto.

Former NASA Photo Manager and “whistleblower” Ken Johnston’s claim that he screened an Apollo 14 film for a NASA astronomer showing five domed lights inside a crater, with one releasing a plume of steam. He says the key sequence was later spliced out! Johnston also reveals that during the Apollo 11 moonwalk, astronaut Neil Armstrong switched over to the medical channel to alert mission doctors, “Alien spaceships are parked around the rim of a crater, watching us!”

Creepy. And it was edit out from the film! Wow. Or was it Optimus Prime resting before he came to earth?

Oil company executive Vito Sacchari’s exclusive tells his dramatic story of how he pressured NASA into letting him study 2000 lunar photos in 1979, which clearly contained massive alien structures on the moon. He threatens them in a good way.

A mysterious film reportedly showing a “female” alien aboard a landed lunar module after allegedly being recovered during a secret U.S.-U.S.S.R. mission to the Moon to examine an enormous fuselage-like structure photographed by Apollo 15.

The evidence of what they found was very convincing and probably make you a believer or not.

In 2011, a “Lunar Factory” was reportedly photographed by a Chinese Satellite and possible of Alien Moon Base and that made headlines earlier this year.

A Lunar pyramids was photographed by NASA and later alter by them to make them looked like craters and mountains.

What they have found is an head? Where did that come from?

When I was watching this documentary, I was asking to myself, is this for real? What is going on up there? I do believe in UFO’s because I have witness myself back in 1978 at a farmhouse. Click here for the story.

Watching the show makes me realize, that aliens are watching us and trying to communicate with us. Could it be?

The hoax part when the men did not go to the moon? Why? Could it be a cover up of what they found and did not want to tell us?What do you believe?