Caitlyn Jenner the Breakfast of Champion


Caitlyn Jenner accepted the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPY Awards on Wednesday night, and the 65-year-old Olympian took the stage to deliver a powerful, emotionally-charged call for compassion and acceptance. And she looked stunning and gorgeous in a white Atelier Versace gown. She addressed her critics and shared important messages with those who aren’t ready to accept and respect trans people and issues. By the way, she is not in drag out fit, that’s really her. Looked at her features.

“If you want to call me names, make jokes, doubt my intentions, go ahead because the reality is, I can take it. But for the thousands of kids out there coming to terms with being true to who they are, they shouldn’t have to take it.”

You can vent that she doesn’t deserve it, but she deserve it. Being Bruce Jenner in the past, really paid off. He worked hard to become a successful athlete.

Jenner used her public platform to share an important message about the difficulties facing thousands of trans men and women across the world, and redirected the spotlight from herself to the plight of others struggling to find acceptance.

“All across the world at this very moment there are young people coming to terms with being transgender. They are learning that they’re different, and they’re trying to figure out how to handle that, on top of every other problem that a teenager has,” Jenner said. “They are getting bullied, they are getting beaten up. They’re getting murdered and they are committing suicide.”

Jenner went on to share the tragic stories of 17-year-old woman Mercedes Williamson, who was found murdered in Mississippi, and 15-year-old Sam Taub, who committed suicide. Jenner shared that the deaths haunted her, and that she found herself wondering if anything could have been changed if she had done what she could to shine a spotlight on trans issues earlier.

“With attention comes responsibility,” Jenner told the audience of celebrities and sports stars. “As a group, as athletes, how you conduct your lives, what you say, what you do, is absorbed and observed by millions of people. Especially young people.”

“I know I’m clear with my responsibility going forward: To tell my story the right way, for me. To keep learning. To do whatever I can to reshape the landscape of how trans issues are viewed, how trans people are treated,” Jenner added. “And then, more broadly, to promote a very simple idea. Accepting people for who they are. Accepting people’s differences.”

Jenner struggled with her own identity for years before transitioning, and she admitted to even contemplating suicide at one point in her journey. Jenner’s struggles were documented in a poignant video package, narrated by Jon Hamm, that preceded Jenner’s speech.

Since Jenner introduced herself to the world in Vanity Fair in June 2015, she’s received a lot of support from fans and the public. However, she has also been at the receiving end of a lot of hatred, vitriol and criticism.

Jenner also took the opportunity to thank the people who meant the most in her life, and was brought to tears when she acknowledged the support she’s received from her children and family, who were in the audience to support her.

Jenner thanked her mother, who joined her for the grand occasion just days after undergoing major surgery.

“I have always thought I got my courage and my determination from my dad, who landed on Omaha Beach and fought all the way through World War II,” Jenner shared. “But you know what? I’m realizing now mom that I think I got all those qualities from you.”

Jenner also shared a very heartwarming message of gratitude with him children, who sat together in the audience.

“I’d like to thank my family. The biggest fear of coming out if I never wanted to hurt anyone else. Most of all my family and my kids,” Jenner said, fighting back tears. “I always wanted my kids to be proud of their dad for what he was able to accomplish in his life. You guys have given so much back to me, you give me so much support. I am so, so grateful to have all of you in my life. Thank you.”

Most of Jenner’s family turned out for her big night, and the group even snapped a pic backstage commemorating the occasion.

Her speech was inspiring and she was confident and strong. Being a woman makes other women stronger. I think that was her messages throughout the whole speech. Making other women stronger and being a transgender. Don’t poke fun of children, because they would not understand. Poke fun at adults, we can take it. Because we are responsible, and what action we can take. People have to learn. We have to teach them what’s right and wrong. Give them information and we can stop the violence and hatred. If we don’t. We will go to hell, that’s today reality. Teach your children and teens. They can be anything they wanted to be, only they have to work hard at it and it will take time.

Caitlyn Jenner is a new role model for children and teens. He is the breakfast of champions!

By the way, did anyone watch the ESPY awards last night?


UFO’s are out there

Did you know we had almost a lot of calls of Undefined Flying Objects, you guess it UFO’s, if you don’t believe in UFO’s they are out there. And they are searching for something? Is it you? And why do they fly over military bases? What are they looking for?

Sometime they abducted people and study you. They are trying to find out of how we live on this planet, and learned how to mate and produce baby aliens in women. When we come out from the women wombs, we do look like aliens our face looks like squish with pointed heads, and it’s easier to come out. Pointed heads.

Anyway, seriously, in Elizabeth City, NC we had a many UFO sightings. According to MUFON, Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). Back in June 2014, someone reported 3 noiseless orange/red lights in a triangular shape, moving at a slow pace. Flying lower than F-18 in flight and it was somewhere near northeastern high school.

And, another in July 2011, a white cigar-shaped with bulges near object. It was taller than trees and 4 to 5 times longer.

And recently, in March 2015, lights hovers over tree line for about a minute and then leave at a high rate of speed. Somewhere near Pitch Chapel Road.

These are incredible witness we have in our town.

If you spot a UFO use your cell phone to document it make several copies and give one to MUFON, they will document it and they will interview you. Sometime newspaper will publish the story and some time they don’t. It’s not news worthy for newspaper.

Plus I am a fan of Hangar 1 on the History Channel


Please go to this site and document what you know. And read it.

Read This :

North Carolina witness says UFO followed their vehicle

Amanda Peterson Dead at 43

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Amanda Peterson (July 8, 1971 – July 2015) was an American actress. She is best known for her role as Cindy Mancini in the 1987 comedy film Can’t Buy Me Love.

A native of Greeley, Colorado, Peterson was the youngest of three children. While living in Colorado, she made her stage debut in a production of The Sound of Music. At the age of 9, she won a role in the musical film Annie, where she appeared as a dancing extra. Peterson went on to land guest spots on Father Murphy and Silver Spoons. In the 1983–1984 television season, she co-starred as Squirt Sawyer on NBC’s Boone. Boone was canceled after one season.

In 1985, she won her first starring role in the feature film Explorers. The following year, she co-starred in the Emmy Award-winning miniseries A Year in the Life. It was third-highest rated miniseries of the 1986–87 and was later adapted into a television series of the same name. The series aired from 1987 to 1988 on NBC.

In 1987, Peterson co-starred with Patrick Dempsey in the teen comedy Can’t Buy Me Love. The film earned mixed reviews but became the sleeper hit of the summer. As a result, Peterson and Dempsey obtained teen idol status after the release and subsequently appeared on covers of teen magazines such as Tiger Beat, Teen Beat and many others for a considerable amount of time. Peterson went on to appear in other films including Listen to Me (1989), and made a guest appearance on Doogie Howser, M.D. in 1990. Peterson’s last onscreen role was in the 1994 film, Wind Runner, starring Jason Wiles.

The police in Greely, Colo told that Peterson’s body was found alone in an apartment Sunday. What was told she was sick and she had sleep apnea. Her body was found alone in an apartment. Peterson’s mother, Sylvia Peterson, told CNN that the actress died Friday morning.

“It’s a big loss. Such a loveable person,” Peterson told CNN. “She had some medical problems with her heart but we don’t know the cause yet.”


Scream: The TV Series

Scream TV series

You would think summer TV is boring. Apparently, they are great shows to watch. You have reality TV shows and scripted shows. You have your favorites and I have mines favorites. Here’s my favorite. If you are a fan of mysteries, you might consider watching Scream: The TV series. It’s not what you expected to see, but it is totally different. It’s a murder mystery and the teens who are in this TV show got to solve a vicious murder of who done it.

The series is inspired by Wes Craven 1996 film classic Scream, which was a blockbuster hit in the horror and suspense genre. In the beginning of each movie, a beautiful girl is killed. Bella Thorne and her boyfriend were killed. Who did it?

The series loads up its high school students with complications and side plots in the manner now common on shows involving teenage characters. Promiscuity abounds. Jocks and mean girls do what they usually do. A teacher-student sexual relationship is implied. A hunky newcomer turns up in class. A video of a girl-on-girl kiss brings unwanted attention to a reclusive student named Audrey, played by Bex Taylor-Klaus in the only performance that really makes an impression in the premiere.

In a classroom scene, a teacher is teaching literature to his students he mention about Gothic Literature. Gothic Literature is popular with teens because it has mysteries, deep characters, and a complicated stories plot. For examples, “The Walking Dead” and “American Horror Story” are invoked, followed by “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and “Halloween.” These are Gothic Horror. That gives a student by the name of Noah (John Karna) a chance to say: “Ah, those are slasher movies. You can’t do a slasher movie as a TV series.” He’s right, they have to stretch it out. Give it 10 episodes and the final one to reveal who done it. And we did not know. And we were surprised. It’s a cliff hanger. Second season?

After the introductory carnage, the kids at the local high school decide to mark the gruesome death of a classmate by having a party beside a lake where, decades earlier, another murder case ended when the police officers killed the prime suspect and it fell into the lake. The body was never found. Among the teenagers at the center of the current turmoil is Emma (Willa Fitzgerald), whose mother (Tracy Middendorf) was an important figure in that long-ago incident.

Scream: The TV series is on Tuesday night at 10pm on MTV.

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Monopoly the Movie

Monopoly the Movie

Monopoly is coming to the big screen soon! Andrew Niccol who wrote The Truman Show will write the screenplay. The story for Monopoly is a boy from the modest Baltic Avenue on quest to make a fortune.

I can’t imagine how will they are going to do this, and they have to think some creative way and possible way to bring the game alive to screen. Maybe use visual effects. I hope they make it interesting and action adventure.

Lionsgate and Hasbro Allspark Pictures will produce and Lionsgate will finance the flim.

“Andrew Niccol is the ultimate world creator responsible for such disparate and imaginative films as ‘The Truman Show,’ ‘Gattaca’ and ‘The Terminal,’” said Lionsgate Motion Picture Group co-president Erik Feig. “He is an inspired choice to develop this timeless property into a big, crowd-pleasing event film that will appeal to kids, families and anyone who has ever played the Monopoly game.”

Hasbro’s Allspark is currently in post-production on a live-action version of “Jem and the Holograms” and “Ouija 2” as a sequel to last year’s low-budget horror film. That was scary. Will it be scarier than the first one or have they learned their lesson. It did not scare to bring the sales as they expected for a low budget horror film. Can’t wait to see it of what they would bring.

Lionsgate has focused on its young adult franchises such as “The Hunger Games” and “Divergent.” The studio is developing a family-friendly franchise in “Power Rangers” with Saban, with a release set for Jan. 13, 2017.


Tom Cruise in Top Gun 2


Do you feel the need? The need for “Top Gun” Sequel? 30 years ago after the release of Tom Cruise career define movie. The sequel is now confirmed the producer David Ellison and Cruise himself will reprise his role as Maverick in Top Gun 2. Co-producer Jerry Bruckheimer has drop hints that the sequel will feature today’s military aircraft technology. Tom Cruise will prove that drones are still no match for real pilots.

Teen Beach 2

Teen Beach MP

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Mia Mitchel and Ross Lynch stars in time travel and catchy tunes of the latest Disney Originals Musical Movies. They are the best.

Ross Lynch is an American singer, songwriter, actor, and musician. He is one of the founding members of the pop rock band R5. He is best known for his debut role as Austin Moon on the Disney Channel original series Austin & Ally.

Maia Mitchell is an Australian actress and singer. She is best known for her role as Brittany Flune in the children’s television series Mortified for the Nine Network, and as Natasha Ham in the Seven Network’s teen drama Trapped. For American audiences, her first television role in the US was in the TV series Jessie. She currently co-stars in the ABC Family drama, The Fosters as Callie Jacob. She also co-starred with Ross Lynch in the Disney Channel original films Teen Beach Movie and Teen Beach 2 as McKenzie.

Grace Phipps is an American actress and singer. She played Amy in The Nine Lives of Chloe King until its cancellation after ten episodes. She was also cast as April Young in The Vampire Diaries. She appeared in ten episodes in season four, one of which was a voice performance. In 2013, she starred in the Disney Channel Original Movie Teen Beach Movie along with Ross Lynch and Maia Mitchell.

Garrett Clayton is an American actor, singer, and dancer. He began his career at Crestwood High School in Dearborn Heights, Michigan, performing in many of the drama club’s productions. He is best known for portraying Tanner in Teen Beach Movie, a Disney Channel Original Movie, directed by Jeffrey Hornaday, and the role of Blake in the Lifetime movie Holiday Spin, co-starring Ralph Macchio.

The movie starts at the end of summer when the students have to go back to school, that’s where all musicals starts – in school.

Who’s that coming from the beach without getting their wet, it’s Lela (Grace Phipps) and the hunky silly Tanner (Garrett Clayton).

Both of them are coming from the set of “West Side Story”. Sounds familiar, “Teen Beach” fans.?

Mack and Brady are happy to see them, but the time traveling can really screw up history. Especially, when Lela and Tanner friends decide to come from the past 1962 and to the beach in the future (2014) and started to disappeared in a sparkling and poof way in an out of existence in the future from the movie. They were movie characters in a film, but when they come to the real world in another movie. (It’s a movie in an movie), they disappear from existence in the future and the movie wasn’t made. Did you get that? Did you follow that?

Great screenplay and clever plot twist in this writing of the story, but most of it was the songs and dance numbers. They were catchy and memorable songs mix with 1960’s music and today’s dance music. I enjoyed this movie when watching this with my kids. And my kids want to see it again.